Cowboys 100: Facts + Figures for Bengals

The Cowboys and the Bengals square off Sunday at 3:25 at AT&T Stadium with the glaring sunlight, which, by the way, is there a stat on how Dallas has done in such games? We have that, Tony Corrente's trends in Cowboys or Bengals games, as well as the numbers on the hottest third-down receiver in the NFL. So, check out our facts!



This is the 10th time the Cowboys will enter the game with a better record than the Bengals. Dallas has prevailed 6/9 times when this is so.


This is the 22nd time the Cowboys have started 3-1. 15/21 of those previous teams won the playoffs with 10/15 of those teams having won the division.


Since 1990, when playoff formats were last amended, 131/216 teams that started 3-1 made the playoffs and 80/131 of those teams won the division.


Cincinnati is 2-2 for the 12th time in team history. 3/11 of those teams made the playoffs with 2/3 of those playoff teams having won the division.


Since 1990, when playoff formats were last amended, only 100/249 teams that started 2-2 made the playoffs with 43/100 of those qualifiers winning the division.


The Bengals are 1-5 in Dallas with all of those games having been played in Texas Stadium.


Teams in their first trip to AT&T Stadium are 12-15 with the AFC holding a 6-7 record.


Teams that have had their first AT&T Stadium visit occur in October are 5-3.


The Cowboys are 1-1 at AT&T Stadium after two games, a mark they have reached six previous times.


Dallas is 3-0 against Cincinnati in October.






Prescott is the first Cowboys rookie quarterback to start in the series.


Prescott needs to throw 32 pass attempts Sunday without an interception to break Tom Brady’s record for most pass attempts without a pick to start a career.


Prescott’s 98.5 passer rating through four games is the 12th-best start for a Cowboys quarterback and the best among Dallas rookies.



Prescott’s 67.9 completion percentage is the seventh-best four-game start for a Cowboys quarterback in a single-season and the best among Dallas rookies.


With 57 rushing yards so far, Prescott has the 11th-most by a quarterback in 2016.


Though not throwing interceptions, Prescott is getting sacked at a rate of 4.4 percent per dropback, placing ninth-most in the NFL.


This is Prescott’s first game against the AFC. Here is how other Cowboys rookie QB’s have fared:


1987 – Kevin Sweeney @NYJ – W

1989 – Steve Walsh vs. KC – L

1989 – Troy Aikman vs. MIA – L

2001 – Quincy Carter @SEA – L

2002 – Chad Hutchinson vs. SEA – L

2002 – Chad Hutchinson @Colts – L

2002 – Chad Hutchinson vs. JAX – W



Last week, Prescott became 1/10 Cowboys rookie quarterbacks to throw two or more touchdowns. 8/10 of those quarterbacks threw to different receivers for touchdowns.


The last time a Cowboys quarterback threw to two different receivers for touchdowns was on Jan. 3, 2016 when Kellen Moore hit Jason Witten for a 4-yard touchdown and Cole Beasley for a 7-yard touchdown against Washington.


A win Sunday would tie Prescott with Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson for the most home wins as a rookie with two.


Among quarterbacks with a minimum of 35 attempts, Prescott has the highest third-down completion percentage with 73.7.


With a 104.9 passer rating on third-down, Prescott has the fourth-highest such rating among quarterbacks with a minimum of 25 attempts.


Prescott is third in the NFL with 20 third-down conversions, trailing only Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco with 22 apiece.


Prescott’s most targeted receiver on third down is Beasley with 11 targets. Beasley has caught all 11 passes for nine first downs.


Beasley and Witten are Prescott’s most-targeted receivers with 29 targets each. Beasley has caught 23 of them while Witten has caught 21.


This is the 10th time a different quarterback from either side enters the series. The only quarterback “rematch” in the series was 1979 when Roger Staubach and Ken Anderson faced each other again.





A product of TCU, Dalton is 1-2 when he has returned to his home state.


Dalton is having his fourth-best start to a season in terms of passer rating at 93.8.


Dalton is 14-4-1 against the NFC with a 7-2 record on the road.


This is the third time in Dalton’s career that his club has started 2-2. The previous two times were 2011 and 2013, and naturally the Bengals made the postseason.


Dalton is third in the NFL with 1,234 passing yards.


Dalton is already 0-1 against the Cowboys. Here is how he compares to other Bengals franchise quarterbacks after one game against Dallas:


Boomer Esiason: 1-0

Carson Palmer: 1-0

Andy Dalton: 0-1

Jeff Blake: 0-1

Akili Smith: 0-1

Ken Anderson: 0-1



Dalton will be the fifth different Bengals starting quarterback to play in Dallas. Bengals quarterbacks are a combined 1-5 on the road against the Cowboys.


Dalton has a 7-4 record against rookie quarterbacks.


In the fifth game of the season, Dalton has led his teams to 3-2 starts 2/2 times.


Dalton has not benefiting from a roughing the passer call since 2014.


Dalton is tied with Anderson for the most postseason losses in franchise history with four.





Garrett is 8-12 in the month of October with a 4-5 record at home.


Garrett is 3-1 for the second time in his career and owns the second-highest number of 3-1 starts in club history. Tom Landry tops the list with 14.


Garrett is 1-0 against the Bengals. Here is how he compares to other Cowboys head coaches:


Tom Landry: 2-2

Jimmy Johnson: 1-0

Dave Campo: 1-0

Wade Phillips: 1-0

Jason Garrett: 1-0

Barry Switzer: 1-1

Bill Parcells: 0-1




Garrett is 11-9 against the AFC with a 7-3 record at home.


Garrett is currently on a three-game winning streak against the AFC North.


Garrett has taken a three-game winning streak and extended it 3/4 times in his career.


Garrett is 34-31 against division-winning coaches. In fact, his last three games have come against coaches who have won division crowns (WAS: Jay Gruden; CHI: John Fox; SF: Chip Kelly).


Against division-winning quarterbacks, Garrett is 22-27.


The last time Garrett’s team posted a 3-1 mark without Romo under center was during his first four games as interim head coach in 2010.


This is the first time in Garrett’s career his offense has eight rushing touchdowns after four games. The only other Cowboys coaches to have had this happen are Barry Switzer (1995) and Tom Landry (1966, 1968, 1971, 1977).





Lewis is 1-2 against the Cowboys. Here are the results compared to other Bengals head coaches:


Sam Wyche: 2-1

Bruce Coslet: 1-0

Marvin Lewis: 1-2

Paul Brown: 0-1

Homer Rice: 0-1

Dave Shula: 0-1

Dick LeBeau: 0-1



Lewis has a 33-17-2 record against the NFC with a 15-11 record on the road.


Since the Cowboys’ 20-19 win in Cincinnati on Dec. 9, 2012, Lewis has gone 10-2-1 against the NFC with a 5-2 record on the road.


Lewis has started out 3-2 five previous times. Only once has he fallen to 2-3.


Lewis has a 16-12 record against rookie quarterbacks.


Lewis has only lost consecutive games to an NFC opponent four times in his career. Those teams are Arizona, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Tampa Bay.


Lewis has an 88-78-2 record in stadiums built since 1999. AT&T Stadium and US Bank Stadium are the only two sites Lewis has not coached in.


Hired in 2003, Lewis is 1/6 head coaches from that year still in the league, let alone with his original team. Of that group, Lewis and Bill Belichick are the only coaches who remain.


Lewis’ seven playoff appearances is the most in franchise history and more than doubles second place Paul Brown’s three.


Lewis, along with Belichick and Mike McCarthy, is the only head coaches with an active streak of leading their teams to postseason that dates back to 2011 or further.






Since CBS took over the AFC package, the Dallas Cowboys are 20-13 on that network. Overall, the Dallas Cowboys are 287-190-6 on CBS.


The Cowboys are 17-10 when Jim Nantz calls their games, playoffs included.


Dallas is 18-16 when Phil Simms calls their games, including postseason.


The Bengals are 7-9 when Nantz and Simms call their games, including playoffs.


Cincinnati currently has two wins with Nantz and Simms this season, their most wins with this commentator pairing in any season.


The Cowboys are 2-1 against the Bengals on CBS. Here is the breakdown by other networks:


NBC: 3-1

CBS: 2-1

FOX: 2-2



The Bengals are 17-15 against the NFC since CBS took over the AFC package in 1998.


This is the third consecutive time the Cowboys will play a late afternoon game on CBS. The previous streak, also of three games, was interrupted by an early game start against the Texans on Oct. 5, 2014.


This is the 10th late afternoon game on CBS to be broadcast from AT&T Stadium. Dallas holds a  5-4 in such games.


The last Cowboys rookie to start on CBS was Chad Hutchinson on Nov. 24, 2002 when Dallas defeated Jacksonville 21-19.





Tony Corrente is the referee for Sunday’s game between the Cowboys and Bengals. Since 2000, Dallas is 5-6 when Corrente officiates. Here are the results:


2000 — MIN, 15-27 – L

2001 — @SEA, 3-29 – L

2004 — NO, 13-27 – L

2005 — Rams, 10-20 – L

2006 — WAS, 27-10 – W

2009 — CAR, 21-7 – W

2010 — @WAS, 7-13 – L

2010 — @PHI, 14-13 – W

2013 — NYG, 36-31 – W

2014 — WAS, 17-20 – L-OT

2015 — @PHI, 20-10 – W




Since 2000, the Cowboys have had fewer penalties than their opponents 4/11 times. Here is the breakdown:


2000 — MIN: 4/21; DAL: 5/45

2001 — SEA: 0/0; DAL: 6/70

2004 — NO: 9/136; DAL: 11/76

2005 — Rams: 7/40; DAL: 10/78

2006 — WAS: 11/117; DAL: 9/90

2009 — CAR: 6/60; DAL: 9/80

2010 — WAS: 5/42; DAL: 12/81

2010 — PHI: 4/40; DAL: 6/45

2013NYG: 6/52; DAL: 5/40

2014WAS: 6/45; DAL: 3/35

2015 — PHI: 8/60; DAL: 18/142




Last year, Corrente was middle of the pack in terms of home team winning percentage:


John Parry: .800

Bill Vinovich: .733

Ed Hochuli: .688

Carl Cheffers: .667

Walt Coleman: .600

Jerome Boger: .600

Gene Steratore: .600

Tony Corrente: .600

Ron Torbert: .600

Terry McAulay: .600

Clete Blakeman: .533

Walt Anderson: .429

Craig Wrolstad: .400

Jeff Triplette: .400

John Hussey: .333

Pete Morelli: .333

Brad Allen: .333





Corrente was tied for the lowest rate for home teams having fewer penalties:


Brad Allen: .667

Craig Wrolstad: .667

Jeff Triplette: .667

Terry McAulay: .600

Ron Torbert: .600

John Parry: .600

Walt Anderson: .571

Pete Morelli: .533

Jerome Boger: .500

Bill Vinovich: .467

Ed Hochuli: .438

Carl Cheffers: .433

Walt Coleman: .400

Clete Blakeman: .400

Gene Steratore: .400

Tony Corrente: .400

John Hussey: .400




The Bengals are 6-6-1 with Corrente. Here are the results:


1999 – @SEA, 20-37 – L

1999 – @Ravens, 0-22 – L

2001 – JAX, 10-14 – L

2003 – @SD, 34-27 – W

2005 – PIT, 13-27 – L

2006 – @NO, 16-31 – W

2007 – NYJ, 38-31 – W

2008 – PHI, 13-13 – T

2009 – DET, 23-13 – W

2011 – @SEA, 34-12 – W

2011 – @Ravens, 16-24 – L

2014 – PIT, 21-42 – L

2015 – @PIT, 16-10 – W




Under Corrente, Cincinnati has had fewer penalties 6/13 times:



1999 – SEA: 8/71; CIN: 16/107

1999 – Ravens: 7/53; CIN: 11/87

2001 – JAX: 7/40; CIN: 7/54

2003 – SD: 7/69; CIN: 6/80

2005 – PIT: 5/65; CIN: 4/35

2006 – NO: 4/25; CIN: 2/10

2007 – NYJ: 5/62; CIN: 9/70

2008 – PHI: 8/60; CIN: 4/35

2009 – DET: 7/45; CIN: 9/75

2011 – SEA: 11/80; CIN: 7/65

2011 – Ravens: 7/59; CIN: 4/35

2014 – PIT: 3/20; CIN: 7/54

2015 – PIT: 10/91; CIN: 10/94




When Corrente has officiated Cowboys games, the Cowboys are 0/4 on coaches challenges compared to opponents being 1/1. However, while Replay Assistant is also 0/4, all of those calls benefited Dallas.



Under Corrente, Cincinnati is 0/1 when challenging his calls while opponents are 2/4. Replay Assistant is 0/4 with two of those decisions benefiting the Bengals.



In the 2011 season, Corrente underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments to treat his throat cancer. Corrente only missed Week 13-15 of the season.






With a 3:25 local time kickoff and clear skies in the forecast, the same “glaring issue” from Week 1 could be a factor against the Bengals. The Cowboys are 3-4 in such “sun games” at AT&T Stadium in October.


AT&T Stadium also has the third-highest instances of opponent false starts with four.


The Bengals are exactly 16th in the league in points off turnovers with six.


Dallas is 12th in the NFL with 17 points off takeaways.


The Cowboys are sixth in the NFL with a plus-3 turnover differential. Through four games in 2015, they had a minus-3 turnover differential tied for seventh-worst in the NFL.


When the Cowboys have been ahead by three in the turnover differential through the first four games, 13/18 times they have qualified for the playoffs.


In 2016, the Bengals have a plus-1 turnover differential, good for 13th-best in the league. Last year through Week 4, Cincinnati had a plus-3 turnover differential and was tied for ninth-best in the NFL.


When the Bengals have been plus-1 ahead in the turnover differential through the first four games, 6/22 times they have eventually qualified for postseason play.


Cincinnati is dead last in red zone conversions at 30.77 percent. Away, they are 16.67 percent compared to 42.86 percent at home. In 2015, they were 65 percent, good for fifth-best in the NFL.


Dallas is tied for seventh in the league with a 66.67 percent red zone conversion rate.


The Bengals are tied for the 12th-most permissive red zone defense at 60 percent.


Cincinnati’s defense however is the best in the NFL with allowing just three rushing touchdowns.


The Bengals have the fifth-highest percentage of their drives going three-and-out at 25 percent.


The Cowboys have the fifth-lowest percentage of their drives going three-and-out at 15.4 percent.


While the Cowboys are second in the NFL with a 35:20 time of possession per game, they lead the NFL with a 3:37 time of possession per drive.


The Bengals have the second-fewest holding calls in the NFL with four.


Cincinnati is tied for the sixth-most defensive offsides penalties with two.


While the Bengals have never had an opponent commit an offsides penalty against them, neither have the Cowboys committed one through four games.



USA Today Images


Beasley leads the NFL with nine first downs on third-down.


Romo is 2-0 against the Bengals with an 86.9 passer rating. On average, he goes 20/33 for 222 yards, two touchdowns, an interception, and takes two sacks.


The Cowboys are 5-2 on Oct. 9. Here are the results:


1960 – @WAS, 14-26 – L

1966 – PHI, 56-7 – W

1977 – @Cardinals, 30-24 – W

1983 – TB, 27-24 – W-OT

1988 – WAS, 17-35 – L

1994 – Cardinals, 38-3 – W

2005 – PHI, 34-10 – W


The Bengals are 3-2 on Oct. 9. Here are the results:


1977 – @GB, 17-7 – W

1978 – @MIA, 0-21 – L

1988 – NYJ, 36-19 – W

2005 – @JAX, 20-23 – L

2011 – @JAX, 30-20 – W


The Cowboys have on birthday to celebrate: defensive end Kavika Pitman who played for Dallas from 1996-99. He was born Oct. 9, 1974 in Frankfurt, Germany, one of 34 Cowboys all-time to be born outside the United States.


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