Cowboys Zeke Tops Fantasy Picks - Even With Baldy's Bounty-Hunting Brain Cramp

Here are my Top 5 Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Picks for Week 8 against Philadelphia ... All Good Ones Unless Brian Baldinger gives a Cowboy a concussion ...

It's Eagles at Cowboys on Sunday night, and there are some clear Dallas picks for Fantasy here ... unless guys like Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott get "bounty-hunted'' out of the game.

Wait ... what?

Yes, that what NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger is on Philly radio (97.5) calling for exactly that. From his rant:

"(Elliott) shows up at the draft in New York with a belly shirt on, a tuxedo collar, just arrogance. Just screams arrogance. … The powder blue shirt.  … And it just bugs me. …They’re all pretty, and they’re all special, and they do all these commercials until they just get tattooed. Until you just pound them into the turf. Until you just drill 'em. Until their head hurts. So that bumble bee is flying around in their helmet, so he just didn't know how hard he just got blasted.

"Well he hasn’t been hit by an Eagle yet. He hasn’t been tattooed into that pretty little turf that Jerry built down there. Where the ball just comes apart from the body. There it is attached to the rib, and it becomes an appendage just floating around inside of AT&T Stadium.

"This is the guy that we gotta hurt. This is the guy we gotta take out the game. There's gotta be 10 guys that want to hurt him every single play. In fact, we may even put a little bounty on Ezekiel Elliott. This is the guy we’ve gotta take out.''

This is football, of course. Players are trying to make other players "feel it.'' But it's also ... odd ... to hear a network analyst say such a thing, even though he's right about one thing: It's Zeke who makes the Cowboys go. Which he's why he's No. 1 ...

1. RB Ezekiel Elliott. The word you’re looking for is, duh. In a standard league Elliott has produced double-digit points every week, but in the past four games he has produced at least 16 points, including a high of 28 points vs. Cincinnati. Philadelphia is allowing a bit more than 100 yards per game rushing and in fantasy terms the Eagles are No. 17 overall against running backs. That isn’t an overwhelming matchup for Elliott and that offensive line, but I think Elliott can clear 100 yards and score at least one touchdown, and that’s 16 points in a standard league. He has certainly been the most consistent fantasy producer for Dallas this season. There is no reason to sit him ... unless you think The Baldy Plan will take effect early.

How "scary'' can Zeke be going forward? In his own words, here.

2. WR Dez Bryant. He’s coming back this week. The problem is this isn’t a great matchup for him or any of the Cowboys’ wide receivers because the Eagles come into this one as the No. 6 pass defense in fantasy. Football Outsiders has the Eagles’ pass defense ranked No. 1 overall. That has the potential to be a drag on everyone’s numbers on Sunday night. Still, with Bryant healthy they’re going to feed him early and often in an effort to get him going. He’s a volume choice who will post big numbers if he can break one of those receptions for a TD.

Where does Dez Bryant go to talk Cowboys? He goes to, as you see and read and hear here.

3. QB Dak Prescott. He may not turn the ball over, but his numbers will be muted by the Eagles’ overall pass defense. This is a game where Prescott’s ability to run becomes a real plus to his fantasy prospects. Prescott’s high for attempts this season is seven against Cincinnati, but his high rushing yardage is 36 on just four carries against Chicago. I think this could be a game where Prescott runs his way to a respectable fantasy total. ... again, assuming Baldy doesn't take him down, too.

Want an exclusive visit with Dak? See CHQ's "A Bow-Tied Creature of Habit'' here.

4. RB Alfred Morris. With the Eagles sporting a formidable pass defense, this could end up being a game where both backs give fantasy owners something. Granted, you’re starting Morris either because you’re in bye week hell or because you have absorbed so many injuries in the run game you have no choice. But I could see Morris getting eight to ten carries in this one with the capability of breaking one. Morris’ high ranking this week is more a function of the bad pass game matchup this week than anything else.

5. WR Cole Beasley. Bryant will siphon off some of his targets, but Beasley will get his because of Prescott’s overall trust in him and the attention the Eagles must pay to the returning Pro Bowler. But he won’t have a huge night, certainly not the 17-point game he had against Green Bay. ... So, less "Sauce.''

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