The Truth Of What's Really Behind Cowboys Jerry's Words On Romo + Rolando

FRISCO - In an 'accidental-on-purpose' Thursday meeting with the media, GM Jerry Jones painted a rosy picture of the Cowboys futures of Tony Romo and Rolando McClain. Befuddled? Allow me to explain:

Jerry Jones is pridefully careful to let people know that he is the Dallas Cowboys' "owner, president and general manager."

These are prestigious titles, he's earned them, and they mean the world to him.

But he wears other hats here at The Star in Frisco and in a Thursday "accidental-on-purpose'' meeting with the media he quickly shifted chapeaus ... from his "GM hat" to his "Jerry Poppins bonnet."

The subjects -- again, exactly at 1:15 p.m. just outside the locker room, where the media always collects and where Jones almost never goes -- were the future of Tony Romo as a Cowboy and the future of Rolando McClain as a Cowboy. ... Two different men with vastly different levels of commitment to this organization, smushed together into one deep Jerry breath.

On McClain, the estranged Dallas middle linebacker who is presently in the NFL's drug program and has been persona non grata here at team headquarters, Jerry said:

"Rolando is in shape. He wants to play. ... Rolando is somebody who helped us when he was here. I really don't want to get into when or if he might be joining us ...''

And on Romo, the quarterback who is in the headlines because he's volunteered to duck his way out of the headlines in order for rookie Dak Prescott to continue running what once was Romo's show, Jerry said:

 'This is not 'goodbye.' I think Tony's got five years left of really competing for a Super Bowl. ... I have no plans for him not to be part of the Dallas Cowboys. Not a consideration. … I believe Tony will be the quarterback on a Super Bowl team. I believe that strongly."

Five more years? This, of course, is what Jerry has been saying about his favorite "Top Gun'' flyboy for ... well, for five years.

So what is the real motivation here? It's multi-faceted. Or rather ... It's multi-hatted.

There is virtually no one in this building who wants Rolando McClain to come back, not really. Oh, he has friends in the locker room who care about him and who sometimes let their minds wander about how great Ro could be if ...

But I'm told there might be a coming stack of another drug suspension upon the existing 10-week drug suspension, which is set to expire on Monday.

If McClain is really eligible, really willing, really in shape? There is a part of Jerry that would love to see that … Even though other members of the front office would wish to out-vote him.

"Don't hold your breath here,'' one source told me moments after Jerry's staged speech, while we stood in the same Cowboys hallway.

I'm being told the same things I've been told since "Purple Drank'' spilled all over Ro over the summer: we should be very dubious about the idea that McClain is truly ready for this and will truly be eligible for this, and is even as accessible as Jones claims. 

Romo, even as he emerges from his "dark place,'' isn't shadowy in the same way Rolando is. Yet there is a Jerry Poppins reason for the owner to spread the word on this two seemingly wildly different thoughts and there is a GM-related reason for doing so, too.

Jerry Poppins (my long-standing nickname for a personality inside of Jones who wants to shove bad news down your throat with a spoonful of sugar) clings to the foolish fantasy of McClain at MLB and clings to the ridiculous fantasy of Romo playing five more years.

But GM Jerry? 

He's demonstrating wisdom in wanting to play nice in public with McClain, given the club's desire to get some of his wasted salary refunded. Dallas can have "clean hands'' here (to use a legal term). 

And GM Jerry is also wise to talk up Romo, given the way "happy talk'' might influence future contract talks and trade talks involving the QB.

Two hats for Jerry -- conveniently positioned upon his head for an "accidental-on-purpose" hallway meeting with the media.

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