Cowboys StarCast: A Jaylon Smith Move + Thanksgiving Thoughts

Cowboys StarCast: A Jaylon Smith Move + Thanksgiving Thoughts

The Dallas Cowboys are opening up what our Mike Fisher is calling the “What-If Window’’ for rookie linebacker Jaylon Smith. ... and wouldn't some really good news there make for the happiest of Thanksgivings?

On Monday, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones spoke with our buddies at 105.3 The Fan, telling “G-Bag Nation’’ that the team will 'probably' activate both Smith and running back Darren McFadden ahead of the NFL-imposed deadline of Tuesday. 

But as Fish explains, the moves in no way guarantee roster spots for the two players. What it does do: It creates a three-week window for the team to make a decision on giving them a roster spot. (See the discussion here on CHQ Boards/The Ranch).

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McFadden has been sidelined all season with an elbow injury, but is now healthy enough to be a part of the team ... nevertheless, this is about insurance at the position. As Fish notes, the Cowboys are already deep at running back, but if a need arises in the next three weeks, McFadden can take that spot.

And Smith, the second-round rookie drafted with the understanding that getting the nerve in his knee to regenerate will be a long-term process? This is a zero-risk move, and a bone thrown to the player, and it means in the unlikely event Smith heals in the next 21 days, he can be moved to the roster. Had Dallas not made the move by Tuesday, Smith would’ve been ineligible to be on the 53-man this year. Tight end James Hanna is on an injured list with a knee problem and his season is over.

There is this on Jaylon ...

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Meanwhile, most everybody is back to work on Monday at The Star (Fish reports that Gavin Escobar's absence is due to the death of his father; our condolences to the Escobar family) ...

Well, almost everybody ...

And wouldn't it be fun if Jaylon could add to the memories of this 9-1 team, which moved to that mark over the weekend with a win over Baltimore? (See our game coverage here and see Fish's column on "Gods And Game Plans'' here.) OK, it's a dream ... but this whole season has been that, just as so often Dallas games on Thanksgiving are dreamy memories.

In this special Thanksgiving podcast, Fish and I share our Turkey Day thoughts and invite you to listen and to celebrate ... your families ... and your 9-1 record!

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