Cowboys 100: Facts + Figures + Hot Links + Inactives For Today Vs. Packers

Cowboys 100: Facts + Figures + Hot Links + Inactives For Today Vs. Packers

The Cowboys take on the Packers today at 3:40 p.m. We have the key stats on Dak Prescott, Jason Garrett, Ezekiel Elliott, and even the referee, Tony Corrente, reprinted with permission from our friends at 1400 AM FOX Sports Texarkana:







Since 1990, when playoff formats were last adjusted to include two wildcard teams per conference, 25/104 of the wildcard round winners ended up winning in the divisional round.


The Cowboys are 7-1 at home. There have been eight previous Cowboys team to only suffer one loss at home. 6/8 of those teams won their opening home playoff games.


Dallas is 20-8 at home in the postseason.


Green Bay is 10-14 on the road in the postseason.


The Cowboys are 4-2 against the Packers in the month of January. All of the losses were on the road at Lambeau Field.


The Packers are 8-9 all-time on the road in the divisional round of the playoffs with a 2-8 record on the road. Their last road win was Jan. 15, 2011 against the Atlanta Falcons.


The Cowboys are 11-4 all-time at home in the divisional round of the playoffs. Their last divisional win was Jan. 7, 1996 versus the Philadelphia Eagles.


Since 1970, the Cowboys are 14-10 in late afternoon playoff games.


Since 1970, the Packers are 8-10 in late afternoon games.


The Packers are 2-7 indoors in the playoffs.


The Cowboys are 7-1 at home in the NFL this season, tied for the best home mark in the league. The last time the Cowboys were 7-1 at home was 1992 and they won their divisional game 34-10 against the Eagles.





Prescott and Ben Roethlisberger are the only rookie quarterbacks in NFL history to have home-field advantage.


Rookie quarterbacks are 9-19 since 1950 in the postseason.


Prescott finished the season with the fewest interceptions among quarterbacks who started since Week 1 with just four interceptions.


Prescott finished third in the NFL in adjusted yards per attempt at 8.6.


Prescott had the third-highest passer rating in the NFL at 104.9.


In the history of the NFL, starting quarterbacks who finished with 104.0 or greater passer ratings are 25-9 in their opening postseason games.


Prescott was sacked 25 times during the regular season, the 10th-fewest by a starting quarterback in 2016.


Prescott finished with the eighth-highest passer rating on third down at 94.6.


Three of Prescott’s four interceptions this season came on third down.


Prescott finished with the sixth-best completion percentage on third down at 65.1 percent.


Prescott finished with the 10th-best passer rating in the last two minutes of the first and second half of games at 97.6.





Rodgers is 1-2 indoors in the playoffs with a 112.4 passer rating. On average, he goes 28/41 for 350 yards, three touchdowns, an interception, and gets sacked three times.


Rodgers has a career 9-6 record in the playoffs and a 100.3 passer rating. In the divisional round, he is 2-2 with a 92.0 passer rating. On average in the divisional round, he goes 25/38 for 266 yards, two touchdowns, an interception, and takes a sack.


Rodgers is 8-2 against Marinelli-led defenses with a 94.3 passer rating. On average, he goes 27/38 for 281 yards, two touchdowns, an interception, and gets sacked twice.


On Dec. 25, 2011, Rodgers posted a 142.7 passer rating against the Bears in a 35-21 win. The passer rating was the highest against Marinelli in his time in Chicago. The five touchdowns were also the most against a Marinelli-led defense in that span.


Rodgers is 66-8 when he is sacked twice or fewer times compared to 32-32 when he is sacked three times or more.


Rodgers is 7-2 at home this season with a 108.7 passer rating compared to 4-4 on the road and a 101.9 passer rating.


Since 2008, Rodgers is tied with Drew Brees for the most touchdowns in the last 10 seconds of a half with five.


This is the first time Rodgers will start at AT&T Stadium since Super Bowl XLV.


This is the first time Rodgers will have a rematch with a team in the playoffs that he previously beat.


The only quarterback to win on the road against the Cowboys in the postseason was Bart Starr.





Garrett is 1-3 against the Packers with a 0-1 record at home.


Garrett has an 8-7 record the NFC North with a 5-3 record at home. It is his second-worst winning percentage against any other NFC division:


NFC North: 8-7

NFC West: 7-6

NFC South: 5-8



A win Sunday would join Garrrett with Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, and Barry Switzer as the only Cowboys head coaches to have won two playoff games.


A win Sunday would also join Garrett with the aforementioned trio to have won two home playoff games.


Garrett is the fourth Cowboys head coach to have earned a first-round bye.


Garrett is the fifth Cowboys head coach to have earned home-field advantage.


A win against the Packers Sunday would effectively be a “sweep” since it is the second time Dallas will face Green Bay in a given season. Garrett has completed a series sweep 6/12 times since taking over as the Cowboys head coach in 2010.



In completing a sweep at home, Garrett has done so 2/6 times.



Garrett is 20-15 against Super Bowl-winning head coaches with a 12-7 record at home.


Garrett is 1-3 on challenges this season.


Garrett is the last remaining active head coach hired in 2010.





McCarthy is 1/5 active head coaches to have a consecutive playoff-season streak. McCarthy’s eight-season streak is only tied by Bill Belichick for the longest.


McCarthy and Vince Lombardi are the only Packers head coaches to have defeated the Cowboys in postseason play. He would join Lombardi as also the only one to do it in Dallas with a win.


McCarthy has the most postseason wins in Packers history with 10, surpassing Lombardi and Mike Holmgren with a win last week against the Giants.


McCarthy is 18-11 against the NFC East with a 7-6 record on the road.


McCarthy is 1-2 when coming off of a wildcard victory.


McCarthy’s Packers are 21-15 indoors with a 1-2 record in the playoffs.


McCarthy has gone 3/5 on challenges this season.


McCarthy is 3-4 in playoff games after his team has won the NFC North that year.


McCarthy is 0-3 in the playoffs when the game goes to overtime.


McCarthy and New Orleans’ Sean Payton are the only NFL head coaches hired in 2006 to still be in the league.





Elliott joins teammate Alfred Morris and Hall-of-Famer Eric Dickerson as the only NFL rookies to rush for over 1,600 yards and make the playoffs.


Since 1990, teams that rush for 140 yards or more per game are 7-3 coming off of first-round byes.


Elliott joins Dickerson, Ickey Woods, and Mike Anderson as the only NFL rookie running backs to have scored 15 or more rushing touchdowns and make the playoffs.


Elliott is the first Cowboys rookie running back to start in the postseason since Tony Dorsett on Dec. 26, 1977 against Chicago.


Elliott averages 108.7 rushing yards per game. The Packers are 0-3 when they have allowed a 100-yard rusher this season.


Elliott has not played since Dec. 26 against Detroit. In college, after having a layoff ahead of a bowl game, Elliott averaged 190 yards and three touchdowns on 24 carries.


Elliott finished fifth in the NFL in yards per attempt at 5.1. Among running backs with 250 or more carries, he was second only to Chicago’s Jordan Howard.


Elliott has as many first downs rushing as Aaron Rodgers with 11.


Elliott also has the same number of third down rushing attempts as Rodgers with 21.


Elliott is the first Ohio State running back since Eddie George to start in an NFL playoff game.





The Cowboys are 2-1 against the Packers in the playoffs on FOX and have a 7-6 record against them overall.


The Cowboys are 4-6 on FOX in the postseason.


The Packers are 17-14 on FOX in the postseason.


This is Buck and Aikman’s 47th postseason game together, the most by any NFL on FOX team. Summerall and Madden are second with 27.


The Cowboys are 33-35 when Buck calls their games.


The Packers are 48-32 when Buck calls their games.


Dallas is 38-41 when Aikman calls their games.


Green Bay is 47-30 when Aikman calls their games.


Pat Summerall called the most games in the series with 10 total with his first game being the 1967 NFL Championship, otherwise known as the “Ice Bowl.”



This is the first time FOX will broadcast a divisional round game from AT&T Stadium. All-time the Cowboys are 2-1 on FOX in the divisional round.


The last time the Cowboys and the Packers faced each other in Dallas on FOX, Aikman was the Cowboys starting quarterback in the 1995 NFC Championship Game.





Tony Corrente is the referee for the game Sunday. Dallas is 7-6 when Corrente officiates. Here are the results:


2000 — MIN, 15-27 – L

2001 — @SEA, 3-29 – L

2004 — NO, 13-27 – L

2005 — Rams, 10-20 – L

2006 — WAS, 27-10 – W

2009 — CAR, 21-7 – W

2010 — @WAS, 7-13 – L

2010 — @PHI, 14-13 – W

2013 — NYG, 36-31 – W

2014 — WAS, 17-20 – L-OT

2015 — @PHI, 20-10 – W

2016 — CIN, 28-14 – W

2016 — @MIN, 17-15 – W





Since 2000, the Cowboys have had fewer penalties than their opponents 4/13 times. Here is the breakdown:


2000 — MIN: 4/21; DAL: 5/45

2001 — SEA: 0/0; DAL: 6/70

2004 — NO: 9/136; DAL: 11/76

2005 — Rams: 7/40; DAL: 10/78

2006 — WAS: 11/117; DAL: 9/90

2009 — CAR: 6/60; DAL: 9/80

2010 — WAS: 5/42; DAL: 12/81

2010 — PHI: 4/40; DAL: 6/45

2013NYG: 6/52; DAL: 5/40

2014WAS: 6/45; DAL: 3/35

2015 — PHI: 8/60; DAL: 18/142

2016 — CIN: 6/49; DAL: 7/45

2016 — MIN: 8/57; DAL: 10/78





Corrente is tied for the seventh-highest home team winning percentage in the NFL:


Walt Anderson: .733

John Hussey: .688

John Parry: .667

Walt Coleman: .643

Brad Allen: .625

Carl Cheffers: .625

Tony Corrente: .600

Bill Vinovich: .600

Gene Steratore: .600

Jeff Triplette: .600

Jerome Boger: .600

Clete Blakeman: .563

Craig Wrolstad: .500

Ron Torbert: .500

Pete Morelli: .500

Ed Hochuli: .500

Terry McAulay: .333





Corrente has the highest percentage of home teams having fewer penalties:



Tony Corrente: .800

Walt Coleman: .769

Carl Cheffers: .688

John Parry: .667

Ed Hochuli: .588

Terry McAulay: .583

Pete Morelli: .567

Brad Allen: .562

Jeff Triplette: .533

Gene Steratore: .500

Ron Torbert: .500

Walt Anderson: .467

Clete Blakeman: .438

Craig Wrolstad: .438

John Hussey: .438

Bill Vinovich: .400

Jerome Boger: .400






The Packers are 9-5 when Corrente referees their games. Here are the results:



1999 – Raiders, 28-24 – W

2000 – PHI, 6-3 – W

2001 – @CAR, 28-7 – W

2002 – @SF, 20-14 – W

2003 – @Raiders, 41-7 – W

2004 – Rams, 45-17 – W

2005 – NO, 52-3 – W

2006 – CHI, 0-26 – L

2006 – @SEA, 24-34 – L

2009 – MIN, 26-38 – L

2012 – DET, 27-20 – W

2013 – WAS, 38-20 – W

2014 – @SEA, 22-28 – L

2016 – Colts, 26-31 – L




The Packers have had fewer penalties than the opposition 5/14 under Corrente:



1999 – Raiders: 6/55; GB: 7/47

2000 – PHI: 12/115; GB: 5/31

2001 – CAR: 3/35; GB: 6/45

2002 – SF: 3/18; GB: 4/20

2003 – Raiders: 3/25; GB: 10/70

2004 – Rams: 7/50; GB: 7/55

2005 – NO: 11/107; GB: 6/36

2006 – CHI: 4/25; GB: 5/45

2006 – SEA: 3/25; GB: 10/61

2009 – MIN: 3/29; GB: 6/45

2012 – DET: 5/55; GB: 7/50

2013 – WAS: 7/78; GB: 4/40

2014 – SEA: 8/40; GB: 5/45

2016 – Colts: 4/35; GB: 4/25





Home teams are 8-4 in postseason games that Corrente has refereed:



1999 AFC Wildcard – Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks – 20-17 Miami

2000 NFC Championship – Minnesota Vikings at NY Giants – 41-0 NY Giants

2001 AFC Divisional – Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers – 27-10 Pittsburgh

2002 AFC Wildcard – Indianapolis Colts at NY Jets – 41-0 NY Jets

2006 AFC Divisional – New England Patriots at San Diego Chargers – 24-21 New England

Super Bowl XLI – Indianapolis Colts at Chicago Bears – 29-17 Indianapolis*

2008 NFC Wildcard – Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings – 26-14 Philadelphia

2009 AFC Championship – NY Jets at Indianapolis Colts – 30-17 Indianapolis

2011 NFC Wildcard – Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints – 45-28 New Orleans

2012 AFC Divisional – Houston Texans at New England Patriots – 41-28 New England

2013 AFC Championship – New England Patriots at Denver Broncos – 26-16 Denver

2014 NFC Championship – Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks – 28-22 Seattle

2015 NFC Divisional – Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers – 31-24 Carolina


*Neutral site




Home teams have had fewer penalties 6/12 times with Corrente:



1999 – MIA: 6/67; SEA: 2/10

2000 – MIN: 5/61; NYG: 4/36

2001 – Ravens: 9/65; PIT: 5/50

2002 – Colts: 2/10; NYJ: 3/30

2006 – NE: 4/45; SD: 6/64

2006 – Colts: 6/40; CHI: 4/35*

2008 – PHI: 7/55; MIN: 4/25

2009 – NYJ: 6/46; Colts: 1/5

2011 – DET: 7/64; NO: 3/18

2012 – HTX: 3/20; NE: 5/56

2013 – NE: 2/15; DEN: 4/34

2014 – GB: 5/45; SEA: 8/40

2015 – SEA: 3/20; CAR: 3/25


*Neutral site




In playoff games, home teams have won challenges 2/5 times with opponents going 1/1. Replay Assistant is 3/6 with two of those calls favoring the home team.



When Corrente has officiated Cowboys games, the Cowboys are 1/5 on coaches challenges compared to opponents being 2/2. However, while Replay Assistant is also 0/4, all of those calls benefited Dallas.



The Packers are 0/2 on challenging Corrente with opponents going 2/4. Replay Assistant is 4/5 with three of those decisions benefiting Green Bay.


In the 2011 season, Corrente underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments to treat his throat cancer. Corrente only missed Weeks 13-15 of the season.





Dez Bryant has been a part of a 0-4 mark against Green Bay since 2010. On average, Bryant catches six passes for 72 yards and a touchdown.


On Dec. 15, 2013, Bryant caught 11 passes for 153 yards and a touchdown in a 37-36 loss at AT&T Stadium. The catches and yards still stand as third-most for Bryant in a single game.


Sean Lee has picked off three of the past six Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks. Rodgers is among the three Lee has yet to pick off.


In the last six games, the Cowboys are tied for the sixth-most sacks in the NFL with 16.


The Packers and the Cowboys are the only remaining teams in the playoffs whose defenses finished in the bottom-10 in opposing quarterback passer rating.


The Packers and Seahawks are the only teams in the top-10 in sacks that are in the playoffs.


The Cowboys offense is fifth in the NFL in points per game with 26.3.


The Packers defense is the 12th-worst in the NFL in points per game at 24.3.


Green Bay’s offense is the fourth-best in the NFL in points per game at 27.0.


The Dallas defense is fifth-best in the NFL in points per game at 19.1.


The Cowboys are 12th-fewest in the NFL in takeaways with 20. The only playoff team remaining with fewer takeaways is Seattle.


The Packers are tied for the 11th-most in takeaways with 25. The only remaining playoff team with more are the Kansas City Chiefs.


The Cowboys hold a 1-1 record on Jan. 15. Here are the results:


1977 – Super Bowl XII – DEN, 27-10 – W

1994 – NFC Championship – @SF, 28-38 – L



The Packers are 2-1 on Jan. 15. Here are the results:


1966 – Super Bowl I – KC, 35-10 – W

2010 – NFC Divisional – @ATL, 48-21 – W

2011 – NFC Divisional – NYG, 20-37 – L



The Cowboys have four birthdays to celebrate on Jan. 15:


Dale Memmelaar, G, 1962-63 – 1/15/1937

Randy White, DT, 1975-88 – 1/15/1953

Zuriel Smith, WR, 2003 – 1/15/1980

Daniel Loper, G, 2011 – 1/15/1982


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