STARCast: Zeke And Dak And The Cowboys 'On Trial' - Always And Forever

STARCast: Zeke And Dak And The Cowboys, In Many Ways, Remain 'On Trial' - Always And Forever. Come Inside For Some Smart Cowboys Discussion.

On this edition of 'Cowboys STARCast,' Jamie Horton and Mike Fisher offer you a hodgepodge of Dallas Cowboys news and opinion.  

Ezekiel Elliott and the NFL:  At what point will the NFL #FeedZeke some freedom? (No, freedom to go to Las Vegas doesn't count.) They don't really ever have to, but Zeke's fate is still in limbo.  Even though it isn't. You see what we're getting at here?
Dak Prescott made a splash at last year's Senior Bowl, and the 4th-round draft pick turned eventual rookie record-setter offers some advice for this year's participating seniors.  Seriously, how'd the rest of the league let this guy fall to the 4th round? One man's trash is another man's treasure. ... but we do know the reason.

There are certain things that are a blast to do until your friends find out.  Believing that the Texans will send the Cowboys J.J. Watt in exchange for Tony Romo might be something you need to keep private. ... but there is a way to at least be educated about how such a thing works.
That and a whole lot more on this edition of 'Cowboys STARCast'

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