About That Star-Studded Cowboys Video Birthday Surprise: What's Next?!

About That Star-Studded Cowboys Video Birthday Surprise: What's Next?!

Our buddy Andy Alberth, a DFW-based sports entrepreneur who happens to be the cousin and close pal of Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, is as creative as he is romantic — and his birthday gift to girlfriend Sylvia Covarrubias proves it.

Sylvia's present? A star-studded “Happy Birthday’’ video assembled by Andy that features all of her favorite celebrities — from Romo and Cowboys teammate Ezekiel Elliott to Dirk Nowitzki and Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks to “Bachelorette’’ starJoJo Fletcher to comedian Jimmy Kimmel. (And yes, as CowboysHQ.com is Sylvia’s information destination for her beloved Cowboys, yours truly pops up in the video as well.)

“Sylvia is such a special person,’’ Andy tells us. “So I wanted to give her something as unique and special as she is. It was really flattering to get the cooperation of so many of our friends.’’

The mash-up of greetings creates all sorts of reactions (Candice Romo in a wig has generated some buzz) but the video has gone viral, we think, not just because of its star power but also because of the sentiment behind it for the couple that met last summer in Oxnard at Cowboys training camp.

Flowers and chocolates are nice. But this? 

"Special and unique,’’ indeed. … with only one problem: At some point, there could be a wedding proposal. And now, with the bar set so high, what is a gentleman to do?

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