Cowboys 1st + 10: Romo Freedom in Sight; Top 10 Stories Of The Week

Each weekend I provide 10 quick hits on the Dallas Cowboys. It sounds more and more like Tony Romo’s fate is sealed, Tyrone Crawford had some flight issues and we’ve got plenty of Cowboys content for you to look at in this edition of First and 10.

1. Let’s move Tony Romo up to the top of this week’s First and 10, shall we? This week proved eventful, even if Romo said nothing publicly. Reporting during the week had Romo acknowledging that his time in Dallas was likely done, that he would probably be released instead of being traded and that he held a preference for a certain AFC team south on I-45.

I think we all understood this was going to happen. Romo wasn’t going to stay if he wasn’t the starter and, as reported, he still feels he has at least a couple of years left in the tank. This isn’t earth-shattering stuff. But a couple of things to think about.

I still feel as if Denver is a great destination for him. But did this announcement have anything to with his reported preference for Houston?

If you were an expecting father and you had to work out of town, wouldn’t you rather be a one-hour plane ride away?

And, just because there’s talk about Romo playing somewhere else doesn’t mean this is out of play, either.

It’s all to say it should be an interesting few weeks leading up to the day the Cowboys must make their decision on Romo (which, to be fair, is pretty much already made).

2. In our Debate Camp piece this week, Matt Galatzan and I square off on where Tony Romo should end up. Matt and I have our own opinions, but our teams fit the profile that we believe works best for Romo — a contender with a quality defense, solid offensive weapons and a run game that can take some of the pressure off. Check out our latest Debate Camp piece today.

3. Tyrone Crawford was apparently kicked off an American Airlines flight earlier this week. It had to do with a bag that Crawford didn’t want to check and then him calling a flight attendant a “bum,” along with refusing to move when the flight attendant asked him to do so. Even though Crawford was removed from the flight (he Tweeted about it, but later removed it), he was able to get on the next flight to Canada to see family in Windsor, Ontario.

This is the kind of stuff that blows up in the offseason when there’s no football to care about. Even Crawford seemed to admit afterward that it got a little out of hand.

So, moving on …

4. Our Mike Fisher talked with StarCast host Jamie Horton on a multitude of topics. They break down the Dallas Cowboys "Cap Hell" falsehoods.  The devil is in the details and the details are fairly heavenly. ... and accessible for Cowboys fans, in black-and-white, right here thanks to CHQ's Joey Ickes. Jaylon Smith has videos all over the internet these days, and none of them involve a Kardashian. In fact, the only "scandalous" part of these videos is the debate about Smith's (left) footwear. Drop foot and football activities?  We've got you covered.

5. I published my first seven-round Dallas Cowboys mock draft this week. The idea is simple — what would the Cowboys do in a seven-round draft, based on what’s on the board when each pick comes up? I go on the clock as the Cowboys’ GM to see what Dallas could end up with in this scenario. I ended up getting the Cowboys some help at edge rusher and at cornerback. See who else I have the Cowboys taking in this first mock draft today.

6. Cowboys cap hell? What Cowboys cap hell? Our Joey Ickes doesn’t think so. In fact, Joey put pen to paper earlier this week and put together a rather simplified plan to not only create salary cap space but create plenty of salary cap space for the Cowboys to be a player in free agency.

It’s the kind of math that could allow the Cowboys to be more than just marginal players in free agency.

7. So what’s Ezekiel Elliott been up to lately?

It’s the offseason. Make good choices.

8. It’s our Tweet of the Week:

Little did we know ….

9. This week’s great moments in headline porn: “Dallas Cowboys: Will They Draft Talent over Need?” from

Well, the Cowboys did that last year. Or did they TRULY need a running back with the fourth overall pick? Be honest.

10. And one more thing...

Free agent defensive end to pursue? Maybe Andre Branch of Miami? He had a half-dozen sacks last year. He probably won’t require a huge outlay of cash and he could step into the Cowboys’ rotation right away. Just a thought.

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