Cowboys Star Ezekiel Elliott 'Detained By Police'? Nope

Dallas Cowboys Star Ezekiel Elliott 'Detained By Police'? Nope - But The Scrutiny Is Never-Ending

The scrutiny of Ezekiel Elliott goes on ... maybe forever, keyed by a Barney Fife-caliber NFL investigation that is, incredibly, about to enter its 14th month.

TMZ, of course, wants its piece of the investigation in the form of hyperbolic "news'' -- and has that due to video it obtained of the Dallas Cowboys rookie running back talking with police last weekend outside a Columbus, Ohio, nightclub. Sloppily, though, TMZ reported that Elliott was "detained" by police, which caused Elliott to immediately fire back (in a since-deleted tweet):

"I was never 'detained' by the police. Nor was I ever questioned or in any type of trouble."

The video that is at the core of the errant report, in which it could be argued that Elliott -- back in Ohio in part due to an event at his school, Ohio State -- seems fully cooperative:

The details that exonerate Elliott in this case:

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Columbus Police note that a bar patron was carrying a pistol and claiming to be "Elliott's brother.'' When Elliott learned of the arrest, he spoke to the individual, Alvarez Jackson (who may indeed be an acquaintance of Elliott's) and spoke to police. He was neither stopped nor detained.

This is all nevertheless problematic, of course, because of the NFL investigation of Elliott, drafted fourth in last year's NFL Draft while at the same time being accused of domestic violence by a girlfriend. Her allegations date all the way back to February of 2016, and while law-enforcement officials in multiple alleged instances (alleged by the woman or alleged by TMZ) have cleared the Rookie of the Year and MVP finalist of wrongdoing, the scrutiny is never-ending.

What does that mean for Zeke, who as I have reported repeatedly is a fun-seeking "Alpha Pup'' who enjoys the nightlife benefits of his personality and celebrity? It means, as far as the Cowboys are concerned, Zeke's minding of his P's and Q's needs to be never-ending, too.

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