Exposed: Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott's Fun (Defiant?) Act Makes Him Look Like A Boob

Exposed: Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott's Fun (Defiant?) Act Makes Him Look Like A Boob

If you are 21 years old, being the wingman to Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott sounds like a daily thrill. It's wine, women and song ... and football.

But Elliott is currently being investigated by the NFL for an alleged domestic violence incident in July. Elliott was not arrested or charged by police in that matter, or in any of the other nocturnal incidents that he's been connected to. "All in fun,'' is how it mostly gets framed.

Yet maybe "all in defiance'' would be more accurate.

On Saturday, Zeke was seen on video pulling down a woman's shirt to expose her bare breast during a rooftop party at a bar for Dallas' St. Patrick's Day parade.

The report states that a representative for the running back said "it was all in good fun" and that the woman wasn't mad at Elliott, adding that the woman continued to socialize with Elliott and his friends after the incident. (Wait 'til Gloria Allred gets ahold of her.)

Nevertheless, it's a bad look -- and one that can cause NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to bring down the suspension hammer in any way he wishes.

As an aside, someone needs to inform Zeke that there are perfectly legal ways to touch a woman's breast. Those ways include a) with her full consent and b) in private.

Doing it any other way makes a man look like a boob ... or worse.

Recently, the NFL's Rookie of the Year, accompanied by best Cowboys pal Dak Prescott, zipped off to Vegas and removed his shirt as he "performed'' along with Aoki, an "electro house musician, a DJ who is apparently one of the highest-grossing artists of his kind. Zeke obviously knows the words and stuff.

Anything wrong with any of these pictures? Nah. Zeke's having the same sort of fun he has in Dallas; I've jokingly said he's "running for 'Mayor of McKinney Avenue' and that Dak, as his running buddy, might as well be his running mate.'' I've also noted that Elliott has some "alpha pup'' tendencies that require some self-control -- especially with the NFL's "still-investigating-forever'' policy regarding those aforementioned domestic violence issues that -- to be fair -- law-enforcement officials cleared up to their satisfaction months ago.

 But the frequency of these "party on'' acts concern some. And the violation of any sense of discretion at the St. Patrick's party should concern all. (If you don't think the Cowboys have been concerned all along about their first-round pick last year, ask yourself why the team kept an extra running back, Darren McFadden, stashed away on an injury list despite a healed elbow?)  Ezekiel Elliott has always been the Big Man On Campus, and as always behaved as such.

But in the NFL, Goodell is the dad, the boss, the judge, the jury, the executioner. ... and the BMOC -- as Cowboys Nation should fear Elliott might have  to soon realize.

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