Fantasy Football Convention - Featuring Romo - Is On For July In Dallas

Mike Fisher on 105.3 The Fan Reports: The National Fantasy Football Convention - Featuring Romo And A History Of Conflict With The NFL - Is On For July In Dallas

Our own Mike Fisher reports on 105.3 The Fan:

For the third straight off-season, the National Fantasy Football Convention says it is committed to connect with fans highlighted by gathering expected to feature Tony Romo, Jason Witten and other football stars.

And this year, even though Romo won't likely be based in Dallas, the convention will be.

For two consecutive years, the NFFC has faced such strong opposition from the NFL that the get-togethers had to be canceled, and lawsuits ensued.

But NFFC executive director Andy Alberth tells me, “Our main goal has always been to give the fans a chance to interact with the players during a truly unforgettable experience, and after three years of hard work, we’re unbelievably excited to see it all come together this summer in Dallas. We’re also excited about the impact the convention is going to have on local businesses and the overall economic benefit it will have on the city of Dallas. We want to thank all of the fans for there continuing support.’’

This year's convention is set for July 14-16 in DFW, with players from the Dallas Cowboys and other teams scheduled to attend to meet with fans,  sign autographs and talk fantasy football. Media experts like ESPN's Matthew Berry are also scheduled to participate alongside Romo and friends.

Alberth this afternoon joined "The Ben And Skin Show'' to note that he's planning on Romo and Witten to be joined by Dez Bryant, Ezekiel Elliott and other standouts. For more information about access to the event, go to

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