StarCAST: Are Cowboys 'Decimated' By NFL Free Agency? Plus Latest On Zeke

StarCAST: Are Cowboys Being 'Decimated' By NFL Free Agency? Plus The Latest On The Travels Of Ezekiel Elliott ...

On this St. Patrick's Day edition of 'Cowboys STARCast' Jamie Horton and Mike Fisher discuss why Dallas Cowboys fans are feeling green.  Pack up the Carr and get Mo "Air"borne, the Cowboys secondary is getting picked apart!  And that's never a good thing. (Click here for more analysis of Dallas gains and losses.)

But does that mean Dallas' defense is getting "decimated'' by free agency?

Ezekiel Elliott is in the news ... again.  And we say that despite the inside story of his relationship with the woman in the TMZ news, Cowboys fans should be extremely upset with their star running back.  If you read, you already know Zeke's party week, which we note here a few days ago -- and a few days before TMZ's latest mention of him.)

On the bright side, Darren McFadden is coming back!

We've got that and more on this St. Patrick's weekend edition of 'Cowboys STARCast'!

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