STARCast - Source: No Trade Talks' Between Cowboys + Broncos; The Romo Rift Is Real

Cowboys STARCast: The Romo rift Is real ... As a source tells that Dallas and the Broncos failed to engage in 'any real level' of trade talks involving the in-limbo QB.

On this edition of 'Cowboys STARCast' Jamie Horton and Mike Fisher welcome back Jason Witten. Ol' Faithful inks a four-year contract extension, but the boys believe Cowboys fans shouldn't expect Witten to be around for all four.  What's more, fans should follow the money as the always "wide open" Witten is freeing up some more. (More on Witten, his money, and what he's doing inside The Star here.)

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John Elway continues to say "NO" to Tony Romo, but the Denver Broncos boss might be a "mile high" if he decides the quarterbacks on his roster are better options.  Who knows. Smoke em' if you got em'.

And the Tony Romo saga continues. ...  And yes, this thing is trending towards ugly.  At some point somebody somewhere is going to have to make up their mind.  ... and quit believing the bluffing from involved parties like Jerry Jones, who is now insisting "everything's fine.''

At one time Tony Romo held all the power in his football throwing hands.  Mike Fisher indicates that power has diminished a great deal. And Fish is now predicting that a very viable option is the retirement idea that we first wrote about in mid-November. Another reason why?

That and a whole lot more on this edition of 'Cowboys STARCast'!

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