Parcells: "That Wasn't a One-sided Game"

"We didn't get much going offensively the entire second half. We had one big play, and that was it," said Bill Parcells during his press conference Monday afternoon.

Have you had the chance to look at the film from yesterday yet and figure out what went wrong on offense?
Parcells: Not a whole lot. We had some opportunities in the 2nd quarter, neither of which materialized, one due to a penalty and one due to a missed field goal. If were successful there then could have done more. But the 3rd quarter was one in where we didn't have field position for a majority of the quarter. When we did regain it, we were penalized back. We put the defense in a bad position and then the defense didn't respond.

What was the problem in the second half?
Parcells: We didn't get much going offensively the entire second half. We had one big play, and that was it. I was a little disappointed in what I know that we've been doing for quite some and we made mistakes that were pretty elementary. This was stuff that we've been running since mini-camps.

How much more patience will you have with Billy Cundiff?
Parcells: You want to look at and say it's only one game, and that it's only one kick. So that's the way I'm going to look at it right now.

Any injuries reported from yesterday, and will we see some new guys back this week, specifically Willie Blade?
Parcells: I don't think we had too many injuries fortunately. Actually I think we should be getting some players back here pretty quick. According to the trainer this morning, we should have everybody practicing this week that was hurt yesterday. We'll find out for sure on Wednesday. Willie Blade should be coming back for us.

What about the breakdown down in the running game, how do you fix that?
Parcells: We made a few errors. We were trying to switch fronts once. It's always the same thing. It's never anything new. Errors, missed tackles. There were a couple of plays where we may have been in the wrong defense with the play they ran. You know, that's sort of a guessing game once in a while. We are going to have to do quite a bit better this week if we are going to do anything. We were far too inconsistent.

Will you be looking to see if anybody else is out there that you can pick up that can help the team?
Parcells:This is only the first day after the game. I have to look and see. But I don't think there is anybody else there that can help us right now. If they were, I would have already gotten him.

You said you felt like yesterday that you were disappointed that this team acted like they couldn't come back. How do you get them to change that mindset?
Parcells: You just hope that at some point in time, when an opportunity comes along to win the game, that a team will recognize it and do something positive about it. That was not a one-sided game. From a statistical standpoint, it wasn't a one-sided game. From a mistake standpoint, we were -1 in turnovers, and our penalties negated 60-something yards in gains. One of which, would have put us on the 6-yard line. So that's like 117 yards, and that's worth some points usually. Those are the kinds of things you can't afford to do. We didn't have inordinate amount of turnovers or sacks or penalties, but in that particular game, we had more than they did. And those are the things that contribute to the loss.

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