Cowboys 1st and 10: Dak's Big Night; Top 10 Stories Of The Week

In this edition of 1st and 10, I watched in person as Dak Prescott had one of the biggest nights of his life ... as a Mississippi State fan at the Women's Final Four ... Plus the Top 10 Cowboys stories of the week.

1. Dak Prescott, Mississippi State superfan. Well it makes sense, of course. He went to Mississippi State and his alma mater’s women’s basketball team made it to the Women’s Final Four here in Dallas.

Of course, you know what happened. Mississippi State pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NCAA basketball history, beating UConn and ending the Huskies’ 111-game winning streak.

And then Dak did this …

I was at Friday’s national semifinals, seated on the baseline about 20 rows up and I could see Prescott pretty well from my seat. He seems to be settling into being “The Man” in Dallas just fine. He knows where the side entrance is to the locker room tunnel at the American Airlines Center (the one a security guard wouldn’t let me go through when I tried to follow Tony Romo for an interview one night). He had a group of friends with him (I assume Mississippi State friends because I didn’t recognize any of them). He said hello to ESPN’s Holly Rowe and did two interviews (though the second, with Morgan Williams, who hit the game-winner in overtime, was really unnecessary). He also caught up with ABC’s Robin Roberts.

It was a nice bit of serendipity for Prescott’s alma mater to show up for the Women’s Final Four in his new home city. It was also the first time I saw him this offseason, which may not be a bad thing. Like I’ve said this offseason — make good choices. He seems to be.

2. Meanwhile, amongst the azaleas...

We all know Tony Romo loves golf, but we also know that a few years ago he put the game on the shelf. Well, with his offseason in flux Romo took his game to the Azalea Invitational in Charleston, S.C., missing the cut after three rounds. Held at the Country Club of Charleston, it’s a tournament that young, PGA Tour-bound players cut their teeth on, including Rickie Fowler and Dallas’ Jordan Spieth.

So, naturally, we’re dissecting the crap out of this, trying to read tea leaves as to whether Romo’s desire to play in an amateur golf tournament means he’s retiring. I don’t believe it means that at all. I think it means that Romo is settling in for a long offseason until the Cowboys decide what the heck they’re going to do with him.

3. Earlier this week I posted my most recent 7-round mock draft. I ended up doing two, though that wasn’t my intention. But the first did not go as I had hoped, and even though GMs don’t get do-overs on draft day, I took one anyway. If nothing else, it exposes one of those fallacies of draft day — even if you do espouse the “best available player” philosophy, it doesn’t always go your way.

It also provided some interesting perspective. I had the chance in one of those mocks to take Wisconsin LB T.J. Watt, whom many see as an edge rusher and some Cowboys fans are hoping Dallas takes on draft day (he, of course, the brother of J.J. down in Houston). I passed on him in the second round because I’m just not sure he’s the right fit for the Cowboys on the edge. Meanwhile, our Joey Ickes published this story earlier this week on why he’s not into Taco Charlton — but why he’s on board with Watt becoming a Cowboy.

In less than a month, we can settle all of this.

4. Starcast: Irvin in Trouble, Cavanaugh on the NFL Draft. During his time with the Dallas Cowboys, Michael Irvin found himself in the headlines for off-the-field issues nearly as many times as he did for scoring touchdowns. What has "The Playmaker'' back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons? Jamie Horton and Jeff Cavanaugh of 105.3 The Fan discuss that, plus take a look at the concerted effort of the Cowboys to dominate the upcoming NFL Draft. (Oh, and here's our latest Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft.)

5. As for free agency, here is my quick analysis on the moves the Cowboys have made since my last First and 10 (losses and gains).


TE Gavin Escobar: Signed a 1-year deal with Kansas City. He never really became what the Cowboys thought he would become. But, then again, neither did Martellus Bennett and, well, take a look.


DT Richard Ash: The Cowboys have him on a minimum contract and hope he can grow into solid depth.

Who’s left

LB Justin Durant, LB Andrew Gachkar and LB Rolando McClain. I’d have Gachkar back on a minimum.

6. Jerry Jones tells The Dallas Morning News that Ezekiel Elliott’s recent behavior is “unfortunate and not good.” Geez, Jerry, thanks for catching up to the rest of us.

Just to let you know, Matt Galatzan and I have a Debate Camp piece coming up Monday on how worried you should be about Elliott’s off-the-field issues. Check it out at

7. Jerry Jones also talked about whether the Cowboys were looking to take injury risks in this year’s draft (read: Jaylon Smith). He said they weren’t. Our Mike Fisher has Jerry’s logic below. They’re all very sound reasons. Jerry wants to win now and with the largesse of last year’s draft, he and the Cowboys have a real chance. No reason to spend a high pick on a reclamation job now — especially if Smith becomes what the Cowboys hope he becomes.

8. Tweet of the Week

So Wilson was wearing a Stanford T-shirt because his younger sister, Anna, plays for the Cardinal women’s basketball team, who lost to South Carolina in the national semifinal of the Women’s Final Four on Saturday. Wilson and Prescott should square off for the first time in the regular season in 2017.

9. This week’s “Great Moments in Headline Porn:Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones hires Jimmy Johnson as general manager” From (

It was April Fool’s Day, after all.

10. One More Thing ….

I’ve got Gonzaga Monday night. I just have a feeling. We’ll see.

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