Cowboys STARCast: Romo + The Fractures + The Fixes

Cowboys StarCAST: Romo And The Fractures And The Fixes; NFL Draft Talk; Jerry's Real Goal In His Pot Decriminalization Efforts. ... Listen Inside!

On this edition of 'Cowboys STARCast' Jamie Horton and Mike Fisher discuss Tony Romo and his non-retirement ... retirement. (You can read about every aspect of it here.) Tony will now trade in his blue jersey for a blue CBS sports coat and replace Phil Simms as the lead NFL analyst alongside Jim Nantz.

The "D-Right Rule" wasn't executed to perfection, but it was executed nonetheless.  It's no secret that the relationship between Tony Romo and Jason Garrett has been fractured, but we say fractures will heal.  As far as Romo and the Jones Family ... I think it's safe to say everything was and is copacetic.

Jerry wants marijuana decriminalized within the NFL and the NFL should follow his lead.  Despite backlash in regards to Jones'  new-found "pro marijuana" stance, we suggest this (probably) has more to do with the NFL as a business than it does Jerry trying to get out in front of more Randy Gregory type suspensions.  We'll discuss. ... along with thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys and the upcoming NFL Draft. (Find more coverage here.)

That and more on this edition of "Cowboys STARCast!''

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