Jack Thomas Picks 'Em

As difficult as it is to dive back into writing about sports with everything going on, I need the normalcy it brings and I think a lot of people do, too. Just being able to watch a baseball game instead of CNN brightens me up for a little while. So Cowboy fans and the rest of you, let's get started with my Top Ten NFL Teams for the week.

This is a week to week thing and not who I believe are the best ten teams in the game, but after Week 1, my power rankings look like this:

1. Denver
2. Indianapolis
3. St. Louis
4. New Orleans
5. Philadelphia
6. Miami
7. Green Bay
8. N.Y. Giants
9. Jacksonville
10. Carolina

Here's a look at the games in the mighty NFC East this weekend:

San Diego at Dallas

--Can the Cowboys stop Tomlinson from running wild? And what about the scrambling of Doug Flutie?
--The ‘Boys had a decent opener, but the offense just isn't there yet. Now that Anthony Wright has been named the starter, I think they have a much better chance to win.
--I wouldn't take this game, but if I had to pick, of course I'd take the Cowboys (+3 ½).

N.Y. Giants at Kansas City

--This should be a really good ballgame between two solid clubs.
--I like KC (-1 ½) in this one, but it's gonna be close.

Philadelphia at Seattle

--Can Donovan continue in a tough place to play on the road?
--I think with the defense, I'll take Philly (-3)

Denver at Arizona

--This game will be a rout; you can mark this down as the "lock of the week" game.

Washington at Green Bay

--The Skins looked terrible and the Pack looked real tough in week one.
--I do like Favre to have an MVP type year, and I think I'd have to take the Packers, even at (-8). Their offense is just too good, and the Redskins are just that bad.

Some of the marquee games this weekend: (*--who I think will cover)

Minnesota* (-3) at Chicago (Can the Vikings rebound after an incredible loss to the Panthers?) Tennessee at Jacksonville*(-2) (Should be a great one.) Oakland* at Miami (-1 ½) (Another great game for football fans.)

Ok, so besides Denver (-8 ½) on Sunday night, here are my last 2 big picks of the week:

I like the Jets giving up only (-1 ½) in New England and I like the Colts at home (-10) versus the Bills.

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