Party Favor: The Romo + Garrett Cowboys After-Party Embrace

The Dallas Mavericks game in which Tony Romo 'participated'? It's making good memories forever. The after-party, at which Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett gave his old QB 'The Garrett Neck Grab'? It's preventing bad memories from infecting the relation.

It was important that The 75-Member Staff of was granted access to the Tony Romo After-Party following his fun appearance in a Dallas Mavericks uniform on Tuesday..

Because this is where the important story, as it relates to the Cowboys, existed.

Romo and coach Jason Garrett have been cool to one another for months, for reasons we detail here. The Romo Appreciation Game brought 20 or so Cowboys folks to the AAC, including Ezekiel Elliott and Byron Jones and Sean Lee and all the O-linemen. Oh, and Jason and Brill Garrett.

And then came the after-party, at Romo’s favorite dinner spot, Nick & Sam’s. And this is the story you won’t know unless you are a Premium-level subscriber: 

Balloons were perched in the back room at Nick & Sam’s, a set spelling out “TONY,’’ one spelling out “COWBOYS,’’ and one spelling out “MAVS.’’ The place was packed with Pro Bowlers and basketball players and dignitaries and was mostly quiet until sometime before midnight, when Romo entered the room … and the music suddenly cranked up and the smartphones suddenly went from being “phones’’ to being “cameras’’ and the party was on.

Tucked in the middle of the raucous fun, Tony Romo and Jason Garrett found each other. Not only did they embrace the moment … they embraced each other in what we are describing as the “familiar Garrett Neck Grab.’’ Jason’s hand was wrapped around the back of Romo’s head as the two spoke, in close conditions and loud conditions, for about two minutes.

For DFW fans who hated watching “Jimmy vs. Jerry’’ or who are bothered by “Cuban vs. Nellie,’’ we have a crisis averted here. The embrace occurred. The ice has thawed.

There will be future embraces. When Romo works his first Cowboys game for CBS and engages in production meetings with the coach. When the Ring of Honor eventually sports his name. And when the Romos and the Garretts -- both families figuring to be prominent in the DFW community for years to come -- naturally come together in that way. But first, the first embrace needed to occur.

And it has ... in the form of the "Garrett Neck Grab.''

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