Orlando Scandrick As Cowboys Trade Bait? 'It's True,' He Tells Us. 'No,' Says Jerry

Orlando Scandrick As Cowboys Trade Bait? 'It's True,' He Tells CowboysHQ.com. But it's 'Erronenous,' Says Jerry Jones. Jerry Also aid Late Friday night that he Oughta Call Scandrick to Clear this Up, but ... The Premium scoop inside ...

Orlando Scandrick is signed through 2019 at just around $5 mil a year. That's a decent price for a starting corner ... but the Dallas Cowboys are trying to do it even more affordably, drafting Colorado corner ... in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft and in the next breath trying to trade Scandrick.

"It's true,'' Scandrick tells me.

Scandrick struggled with injuries last year and while he played better as the season went on, last year's sixth-round pick Anthony Brown moved above Scandrick on the depth chart at times. Dallas has lost Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr via free agency, though, so despite the free-agent signing of Nolan Carroll and the drafting of Chidobe Awuzie, the Cowboys seem thin here ...

But maybe they wish to get "thicker'' by acquiring a third-round pick for Scandrick, as first noted by NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. Will Dallas have to move Byron Jones to cornerback at times? Or rely on Leon McFadden? Can Awuzie play right away?

Also worth pondering: What happens if no trade occurs, and Scandrick -- who has been a fixture in offseason workouts and a leader of sorts with a chip on his shoulder -- returns to the team with some disillusion or anger?

Right now, all Scandrick can do with me is shrug his shoulders.

"I'm giving you the answer I was given,'' Scandrick says. "That's what I've heard.''

Ah, but along comes owner Jerry Jones.

“Absolutely not,'' Jerry says of the story. "I don’t know who started that. It is completely erroneous, completely. We heard something, but that’s never been the case. No one in this organization has ever insinuated or implied or anything with Orlando other than having him on the field. He’s a valuable member of our team.”

That "value'' statement makes sense. (Especially if Dallas wanted a third-round pick in trade ... and by the time Jerry talked, the third round had come and gone. But it conflicts with what Orlando knows to be true.

So, Jerry adds, "We want Orlando Scandrick to be a big part of our team this year. He’s a big part of it right now. I want to be real clear about that. So if he were sitting in this room I want you to know, Orlando, there’s no truth to that at all in any way. I’m very much considering you a part of this team.”

If Scandrick accepts that "truth,'' ultimately, that's all that has to matter. But Jones said late Friday that he probably oughta phone Scandrick to clear up the "erroneous'' stuff.

As of 10:40 a.m. Saturday, Orlando Scandrick has yet to receive that call.

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