Dallas Cowboys STARCAST: The Legacy Of 'Senator Romo'

Dallas Cowboys STARCAST: The Legacy Of 'Senator Romo'

Texas lawmakers today will honor the career of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and at first glance, it’ll be as ceremonial as Romo’s time as a member of the Dallas Mavericks.

But there might be more to the story, as some speculate that Romo, bound for a career in TV with CBS but also a power behind the National Fantasy Football Convention, will take time while in Austin to push the government to support a bill making it easier for fantasy sports businesses to thrive in Texas.

In the meantime, we ponder … what will be Romo’s ultimate legacy, not as a broadcaster or a businessman, but as a Cowboys QB?

Will Tony Romo be remembered favorably in Dallas when all is said and done? Jamie Horton talks with Nick Verzosa about Romo, the Dallas community, and how they will be linked through the years. Verzosa also discusses his upcoming charity event with the Boot Campaign (bootcampaign.org) benefitting our nation's Armed Forces.

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