Parcells Comments on the Game

"I think that was one of the great games I've ever been involved in and I take my hat off to their team and I think our guys showed a lot of heart too," said Bill Parcells of the Cowboys win over the Giants.

"I would like to say one thing to. Coming back to New York Mr. Mara came to see me before the game, so did Frank Mara and Chris, and I don't want to miss any names here, but Bart Oates, Karl Nelson, Eric Dorsey, Curtis McGriff, OJ Anderson, Mark Bavaro, Phil McConkey, Lawrence Taylor, Harry Carson, Jim Burt, that's all I need to know, right there."

"Those are my guys and when you win with somebody whether you're wearing another shirt or not you're bonded with them for life and that's how I feel about those guys. Carl Banks was there and came to see me too. It was a great game. I feel fortunate to be a part of it."

"Was this game more emotional then previous games against the Giants?"

"I try to downplay every thing, but this is a division win on the road against obviously a team that is going to contend. They're definitely going to be a contender in the NFC, certainly in the East and I think in the NFC. They got a real good team. To come in and win, I feel fortunate to do that. "

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