Postgame Quotes & Notes

The Cowboys proved they are one of the up and coming teams in the NFL by strengthening their hold on first place in the NFC East Sunday. Read quotes from Terry Glenn, Flozell Adams, and Mario Edwards in this post game report from Ford Field in Detroit.

WR Terry Glenn
"When I caught that second touchdown and I realized this was the first time I've caught more than one in a game, I was very excited. It made me happy. The third one was icing on the cake. I'm very excited for our football team right now. We are doing a pretty good job of executing what Bill Parcells wants us to do."

"As long as we had that lead the way we did, I knew we wouldn't be passing that much in the second half and I wouldn't really be getting that many more looks, but hey, we won the game and that's all that matters."

OT Flozell Adams
"The only the thing we were thinking about coming in was running the ball and containing those guys, and that's pretty much what we did today. Last year, we had a lot of injuries, but this year everybody's healthy. We are coming together and I'd say right now we are very effective playing together as a unit on the offensive line. The thing is we are going to get a lot better. We've been improving, but we are going to get better."

"Whoever is the next opponent, I look forward to it. It really doesn't matter who we are playing. We are just going to prepare and do the best we can and hopefully come out with a win."

LB Dat Ngyuen
"I've got to watch the tape. It could have been my best game I guess. We are trying to get better. For the last couple of weeks, we've been watching tape and I think we really can get better after watching the game again. You know I really believe that the sky is the limit with this defense."

"We knew that he was a scrambling quarterback. We figured he would try to get to the permieter and make something happen. We I saw him on that fumble, I was just trying to make him pay."

"For us, this game just gives us a lot more confidence. Knowing that we can go into someone else's house and not give up a point just gives us something to build on the rest of the season."

CB Mario Edwards
"The defensive line was just putting pressure on the quarterback all night. I just kind of anticipating the pass, and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. If I wouldn't have scored on that play the guys would still be giving me a hard time. I was so close to the endzone, I knew I was going to score once I picked it off."

"This was big. I haven't been on a winning team here and we are already 5-1. That's all we won the first three years I've been here is 5 games. I think I've had a pretty solid season so far. It's too early to evaluate myself this early in the season."

"I haven't seen any film on Tampa yet, but we'll get in there on Monday on Wednesday and get a chance to break those guys down."

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