Dolphins - Cowboys Report Card

D -- Quincy Carter, who completed 24 of 40 passes with two touchdowns and three interceptions, didn't lose the game. He actually was playing well enough to win if the defense would have held up. But the defense didn't and Carter was forced to get in an aerial show that he is not equipped to win.

F -- Fullback Richie Anderson had a nice game with a four-yard touchdown run and 27-yard touchdown reception. However, the Cowboys need their backs to run the ball. Don't let the final blowout numbers fool you, the Cowboys can't run with any effectiveness. Of the team's 91 yards rushing, 42 came from quarterback Quincy Carter on scrambles.

F -- The Cowboys lead the league in pass interference penalties and Mario Edwards continued the trend with a flag on the game's first play. Edwards was also flagged for defensive holding and got beat for two touchdown tosses.

F -- Defensive tackle La'Roi Glover said the Dolphins gashed the Cowboys up the middle with running back Ricky Williams and outphysicaled them up front. Enough said. Williams rushed for 104 yards on 31 carries.

F -- Cornerback Derek Ross had two fumbles on kickoff returns. And punter Toby Gowin probably sealed his fate with poor kickoffs and a net punting average of 33.4.

F -- The Cowboys did nothing right on Thursday and that includes the coaches. They still can't forge a running game and they were unable to solve the Dolphins offense. Stop the run. Stop the pass. The Cowboys did neither. Thursday's blowout loss and pathetic effort has raised questions about the Cowboys' ability to close with a postseason run.

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