Parcells Loves Hurricanes' Underclassman

The Miami Hurricanes had their annual football banquet last evening and a main topic on the menu was who would and who would not return for the 2004 season. Here's the latest on Kellen Winslow Jr., Sean Taylor, Vince Wilfork and breaking news on Antrel Rolle.

Winslow Jr. was given "Receiver of the Year" award and got a rise out of everyone when he stepped to the podium and said, "I hope to return next year." Coach Larry Coker reminds Winslow that he still has a scholarship but sources have told us that the Hurricane coaching staff has in fact been informed that Winslow Jr. will not return to the Hurricanes next season and a public announcement is forthcoming.

As we've stated earlier both Sean Taylor and Vince Wilfork are leaving. For his part, Wilfork will be just a class or two shy of getting his degree in December but remains focused on the promise he made to his mother of graduating from college. Also keep in mind that we've known for a while that Cowboys coach Bill Parcells likes Wilfork a lot, so much so that more than likely he would've made the defensive tackle his top choice had Wilfork opted for the draft last April.

On to Rolle. For the past week, the cornerback has stated a desire to return to Miami but is just as quick to mention that he has not formally made up his mind. We have learned that Rolle has in fact contacted the NFL Advisory Committee to evaluate his potential draft positioning for next April. We have also learned that Indianapolis general manager Bill Polian is the person who will be breaking down the film on Rolle and writing the evaluation.

This is an important piece of news for several reasons. Several weeks ago, while in Philadelphia scouting the Virginia Tech-Temple game TFY Draft Preview posted a story of seeing four scouts from the Indianapolis Colts at the game scouting a pair of Hokies; center Jake Grove and cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Also, Polian himself was personally at the Miami-Pittsburgh game last Saturday night and saw firsthand Rolle shut down All World receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

There is a misnomer out there that Bill Polian does not like to draft cornerbacks in the first round yet a little research proves otherwise. For years, Polian was the right-hand man in Buffalo for general manager John Butler, who prematurely died earlier this year. While Polian was with the Bills, the organization in fact, drafted defensive backs with four-of-their-five first round picks between 1990-1994.

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