I Get A Kick Out Of You

Cole Porter could have written the theme song to the Monday Night Football game between the Redskins and the Cowboys. Tim Seder, fronting the June Taylor dancers, should have broken into a high kick dance that would have shamed the Rockettes. His efficiency certainly shamed the Daniel Snyder owned team from Washington on a national platform.

The performance on Monday night, billed here as the Ineptitude Bowl, lived up to it's pre-game hype. Both teams, residing in the lowest of the low positions in both defensive and offensive categories showed why Sominex should have endorsed this game. Usually the term sleeper indicates an individual or team that is overlooked but performs well. In this case it simply implied the audience.

Again growing pains for the Cowboys reared its ugly head when the first drive produced naught. Anthony Wright saw Joey Galloway breaking behind Fred Smoot deep in enemy territory but could not get him the ball. Even thought it was the identical play from the previous week that produced the Cowboys first score against the Raiders, Wright missed a quick strike opportunity and settled in for a long night of throwing errors.

On the next series he threw a perfect pass on the 4 route to Galloway for a 16-yard pick up and a second trek into Redskins country. But once again the journeyman quarterback either under threw or overthrew his targets forcing the Cowboys to punt. Only in a game against the pitiful Redskins can an offense consistently be so inconsistent and come away with a victory.

Campo said of Wright's performance, "Anthony Wright played well…he played steady." Less than a congratulation for the first victory of the post Aikman era. But Campo went further in his less-than-stellar endorsement of Wright.

"In order for us to be successful, I don't think we can throw the ball 40 times a game. There are things that Anthony does very good and things that we can utilize."

Campo never singled out what Wright did well but did point out the lack of production in the red zone.

"We need to be better in the scoring zones. We've got to be better in those zones."

It's hard to judge any facet of the Cowboys game because of the competition. Washington is a more talented team than Dallas and it was evident on the field. But a team that has quit on their head coach allowed a scrappy bunch with little talent and a lot of heart to eke out the win.

Defensively the Cowboy held the Redskins to 226 total yards. A nice performance for this bunch. But a graphic shown by the Monday Night crew put that in perspective. Of the largest disparity between points for and points against, Washington is fourth on the all time list of professional teams. Only three teams have score so few and given up so many. I might add none of the teams listed above the Redskins are still in business.

Emmitt Smith started slowly but turned it up to a close second to the Emmitt of old. He gouged the Redskins for 107 yards on the ground and 45 yards in receptions. Two running plays were called back because of penalties, both over 20 yards causing one to dream of the 150 plus yard night.

But the real player to keep an eye on is Troy Hambrick. He continues to show speed and power, rambling for 68 yards on 9 carries at a gaudy 7.6 yard per.

The good news is Hambrick isn't due to be an unrestricted free agent until after the 2004 season. Plenty of time for Jerry to decide if he is a keeper.

After a 31 yard pass to Michael Westbrook from Tony banks, the Redskins took a 7-3 lead with a little over 12 minutes remaining in the contest. Dallas started their comeback from their own 30 yard line. After a pass to Robert Thomas, Emmitt went off the right side for 24.

The Cowboys kept the ball on the ground with both Emmitt and Troy getting touches and took it to the Redskins 19 yard line. But a flashback to the Raider game came when the drive started to move backward with a loss of 3 by Emmitt followed by an intentional grounding call on Anthony Wright. Dallas settled for a Tim Seder 39 yard field goal and comeback hopes died.

Marty Shottenheimer's Redskins then shifted to a power game handing the ball off to Stephen Davis as they worked the clock and a tired Dallas defense.

But rookie defensive tackle John Nix punched the ball from Davis' mitts and Greg Ellis came from somewhere near Houston to recover the fumble.

Two superb passes by Wright to Chiaverini and Ismail and a vintage 13 yard run but Emmitt all but sealed the fate of the Redskins. Tim Seder came on to boot the game winner and send the Washington team to the cellar of the NFC East.

The 9-7 final built the Cowboys streak of wins over the Redskins to 8 in a row.

It wasn't Kelly or Astaire, and certainly not Broadway, but Tim Seder the ex-high school coach did a pretty nifty impersonation of a chorus line Sunday night.

Perhaps just what the Cowboys needed to get started on a win streak. A swift kick in the pants.

The injury bug swarmed the Cowboys and Campo gave the bad news at today's press conference.

Out for another 4 weeks is Ebenezer Ekuban. They expect him back either during the Atlanta week or the rematch against Philly.

Reggie Swinton will be re-evaluated next Monday for the hamstring he pulled in warm ups. This kid needs to get healthy. The way he returns kicks and the ailments that beset the Cowboys receivers, his skills were sorely missed.

Robert Thomas' evaluation wasn't completed before Campo spoke and Quincy Carter is definitely out another six weeks.

This should hasten the Ryan Leaf experiment. The five games between now and the return of Carter is the window of opportunity this team needs to try out the ex Charger.

Speculation is Anthony Wright returns to the bench in favor of the potential, experience and rocket throws by Leaf. Somewhere an anorexic Jerry Jones is salivating over that idea.

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