Draft Day Target: DT Vince Wilfork

Last year we reported on several prospects that caught the eye of Bill Parcells, not to mention several scouts within the Cowboys' organization. This year, we start out with a big defensive tackle that could be in a position to be drafted somewhere in the first round. And yes, even the Cowboys are taking a look at him.

DT Vince Wilfork
6-2, 345, 5.12
The Miami Hurricanes
Projected Draft Position: Mid-First Round

The Dallas Cowboys sported the National Football League's top defense in 2003, so why would they be interested in drafting an explosive, run stopping defensive tackle in the first round?

Simple- because they'll need some serious help up front to keep that ranking. They need additional bulk at tackle, and also a pocket-crushing presence that can allow some of their quicker ends to get to the quarterback.

In short, the defense, in particular the front four, need to get more pressure on the quarterback, and somehow create more big play opportunities.

Enter Miami defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, a massive, 345-pound first round prospect with loads of ability, and a tremendous upside.

"He's an explosive, inside stuffer that constantly gets penetration up the field," notes NFL Draft Expert Tony Pauline. "He's quick off the snap and displays a great first step, which gives him an immediate edge over opponents."

Sources tell us that Parcells would have taken Wilfork had he been available last year. (Getty Images)
"He's also a wide-bodied guy that is a load in the middle and can be tough to handle. He gets to the action with a great burst of closing speed in a straight line."

Wilfork obviously is a guy that could be brought in almost immediately to help strengthen the efforts of current defensive tackles La'Roi Glover and Willie Blade.

And or course, the interest from the Cowboys appears to be legitimate.

"Parcells likes him," a source told SilverStarDigest in a recent interview. "This sort of situation reminds me what the Cowboys were faced with last year with Jordan Gross. Parcells liked Gross in a similar way, the draft positioning didn't justify taking him. It just depends on whether or not Wilfork falls far enough in the draft to get him."

"Also keep in mind that Parcells would have more than likely made the defensive tackle his top choice had Wilfork opted for the draft last April," added the source.

Obviously, Parcells is known for building teams around defense, and he's not afraid to continue to stack his team with defensive stars, including Wilfork.

At the same time, the Miami star has some work to do to get into Parcells-shape.

"He's got to improve his hand technique as he easily is wired in blocks he should defeat. He's an athletic guy but he's not a lineman with great range, although that can be attributed to weight problems" adds Pauline.

"He does hold a lot of upside potential and as a result will be selected very early when he enters the draft but must maintain focus and conditioning to attain his upper most level of ability."

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