Cowboys Check out Rivers; Hamilton

Some interesting news and notes out of Mobile, Alabama as both squads continue preparations for this weekend's senior bowl. We learned today of several prospects the Cowboys won't be taking in draft this April, and possibly one or two guys they may be looking at a little harder.

Wednesday's Senior Bowl Report
Before the whistle ever blew to start practice, Browns defensive coordinator Dave Campo was speaking about Tim Couch. His feelings on Couch amount simply to this; he feels Couch is a quarterback that must be handled. Let him throw the ball 40-times a game and your guaranteed to see at least two picks. Reign him in to 25-attempts per game and surround him with a ball control offense and Couch will succeed. We can tell you this; the Browns are definitely interested in Ben Roethlisberger.

When the big quarterback arrived in the morning several Brown's scouts made a beeline towards him and purposely made his acquaintance. Campo himself then went to check out the linebackers and defensive linemen during drills.

Another team that showed a lot of interest in Roethlisberger was the Chargers. The Chargers have most of their brain trust here and even with coaches on the field leading the South squad, five scouts stood on the fifty to watch the passers workout this morning.

Later in the morning, I was speaking with Roethlisberger when James Lofton interrupted our conversation. The former Charger great pulled the top rated junior onto the field and spoke with him at length during practice then passed him off to the Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, who kept Roethlisberger's attention for a while. I got the feeling if the Chargers had their wish they would have handed Roethlisberger a football and asked him to start tossing passes!

After Roethlisberger was rudely (ha-ha) taken from our conversation, I spoke with his agent, Leigh Steinberg at length. Steinberg told me the former Redhawk passer is living in California getting ready for the combine. I was told he is also writing a few papers to complete the eight credits he needs to get his degree from Miami-Ohio.

Steinberg and I spoke of some of his other clients, which include Jared Lorenzen, Chris Lewis and Igor Olahnsky.

Both Dave Wannstedt and Norv Turner were standing on the forty-yard line shooting the crap then moseyed over to watch the quarterbacks and receivers. Later both interviewed a coach from the CFL (Saskatchewan to be specific) in what looked like a job interview. We will get his name later. Miami did focus on offensive linemen as well.

Later, during practice, I stood with scouts from the Cowboys and Giants, engaging in an interesting conversation. The first topic was the juniors who declared and the mistakes made. They thought that Clemson's Donnell Washington made a very poor choice, as he is viewed as just another big athlete that needs a lot of work. Another they classified as a "big athlete with no motor" was Ahmad Childress of Alabama.

Talking of another Tide prospect, Atwan Odom was described as a "one trick pony that must beat you with his first move or he cannot get off a block."

They seemed to be a bit high on Derrick Hamilton and noted he was Clemson's best receiver last season.

Both teams chided Ben Troupe of Florida for purposely sitting out the week and feel the Gator tight end made a huge mistake.

As to what players they like.....both feel their teams will make a pitch for Philip Rivers. In fact, the Cowboys scout jokingly asked the Giants people "not to steal Rivers from Dallas in round two."

As far as defensive linemen who impressed the Giants like Chad Lavalais and DeMarco McNeil, as both were described as having "terrible bodies but will play on Sunday's." Dallas likes Darnell Dockett a real lot. Both teams like Dontarrious Thomas and the Giants really like Mewelde Moore, especially his pass catching skills.

Joe Bugel of the Skins was once again a busy man checking out the linemen. Jake Grove of Virginia Tech, Sean Locklear of North Carolina State, Max Starks of Florida and Chad Lavalais endeared him. In addition, for a second day the Skins spoke at length with tight end Ronnie Ghent.

The Broncos are starting to come alive as several were in the pit watching the linemen. Stephen Peterman was a player that really impressed Denver.

Houston is continuing their pursuit of linebackers and spoke with Niko Koutouvides for sometime in the early afternoon.

The Bears set an evening appointment to have a one-on-one interview with Tommy Kelly.

San Francisco stayed with a defensive theme and spoke with Keiwan Ratliff and Keyaron Fox while also adding Ernest Wilford into the mix.

Though they did not speak with any individuals most of the Steelers scouts were concentration on the quarterbacks and receivers.

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