North Squad: Player-by-Player Analysis

An indepth look at every single player on the North Squad for this weekend's Senior Bowl. Included are quick hits on each player and how they've looked this week, from a scout's perspective.


Full Name Pos Jersey Height Weight Arm Hand
Tim Anderson DT 54 6032 304 33.5 10.5
Except Anderson to make a few plays. Watch his explosion off the snap and hand technique but also see if he can get off blocks.
Tatum Bell RB 27 5105 201 32.12 8.5
Explosive on the inside but let's see if he can keep up the pass catching skills he showed during the week and the occasional big runs to the outside.
Jacob Bell T 74 6044 306 32.25 9.5
Technically sound but if there's a guy who will give up a sack this is him.
Maurice Brown WR 36 6000 212 32 9
Needs to show consistency. Watch if he plays to his size and most importantly, watch his blocking.
Sean Bubin T 73 6063 301 34 9.5
It will be interesting to see if he stays at left tackle and if he does, can some of the South's speed rushers exploit him (which no one was able to do this week in practice).
Darrell Campbell DT 60 6035 292 36 11
We expect several big plays, especially against the run. The match-up against Starks and Reuber will be the one's to watch.
Jordan Carstens DT 92 6056 298 33 9
Quickness is the key and the only way he'll beat the opponent.
Kirk Chambers T 67 6070 310 34 10
Will once again be pitted against PAC Ten foe Dave Ball, which is a good test. Footwork blocking the edge is key.
Adrien Clark G 77 6045 334 33.25 10.25
See if he falls asleep. If he does not and plays on his toes we expect a dominant performance.
Keary Cobert WR 83 6006 199 31.12 8.75
Should be active, though there are not enough balls to go around for the North's talented receivers. Watch his route running skills. Also see if he can't break one deep.
Ricardo Colclough CB 20 5104 186 32.25 9.5
If they sneak in a zone it will help him out. Otherwise, he'll struggle in man. The key are his return skills and we expect a big kick return from him.
Chris Cooley TE 89 6033 257 31.75 10
Should get his opportunities catching the ball and we expect him to make the most of it. Blocking is key especially against some of the South's small LB's.
Dwan Edwards DT 98 6026 309 32 10
Possibly the most underrated player this week. Great test for him today going up against the likes of Sean Locklear and Stephen Peterman.
Brandon Everage S 14 5115 195 33 10
If they keep the action in front of him he'll be alright but specifically watch when he's pulled up against the slot receiver. Very key.
Rich Gardner CB 25 5104 191 31 9
Expect him to give up a few plays but watch him in goal line coverage when he is able to cheat.
Nick Hardwick C 63 6035 283 33.5 9.25
Tough but small. The match-up against the South's short DT's will be a good one for him.
Josh Harris QB 5 6010 235 32 9
Should be accurate between the numbers but expect him to overshoot a lot of his targets. See if he rushes and panics as the pocket collapses around him.
Bryan Hickman OLB 18 6003 227 32 9
Will be very effective up in the box and we expect him to be active in run defense. Will struggle going in reverse and see if he doesn't get flagged for interference at some point.
Michael Jenkins WR 12 6042 217 33 10
Should be the "go to" guy for the North. The question is can he break one deep.
Julius Jones RB 22 5095 208 31.5 9
Our pick for game MVP. Should be effective on the inside or outside and watch his pass catching skills.
Nate Kaeding PK 95 6000 182 30 9
See if he gets the kick-offs into the end zone.
Niko Koutouvides OLB 34 6023 238 31.5 9
Will be strong in the box but watch and see if he usually arrives on the scene a half-step late.
Travis LaBoy DE 00 6034 253 33 9.5
With no true left tackle for the South we expect LaBoy to be in the backfield all day.
Kyle Larson P 19 6003 200 31 9
Nick Leckey G 53 6026 290 34 10
Had a tough week though he rebounded well.  Handling the South's explosive DT's could be a chore.
Teddy Lehman OLB 11 6015 238 32 9
Should be the most active North defender. The South has a pair of solid tight ends and that should be a very good match-up for Lehman. Must stand out in pass coverage.
Jeremy LeSuer CB 21 6000 196 32 9.5
Expect a pick and several pass defenses. The South's receivers are nice but not the quality of what LeSueur faced all week. A match-up against the speedy Luke of 'Bama will be one to focus on.
Johnnie Morant WR 81 6040 225 36 9.5
In a nutshell...who knows? Will look great on one play then the next two will run the wrong route. It could be an adventure if they ask him to return kicks.
John Navarre QB 7 6053 249 32.5 9
Really struggled as the week progressed and seemed to press. Expect a lot of short dump offs.
James Newsom WR 4 6005 203 31.5 9
Rounds out a very talented North receiving core. Watch his route running skills, hands and the way he is able to extend, adjust and pull the ball out of the air.
Shane Olivea T 71 6027 312 31.5 9
Will play right tackle. Started strong but faded. Tommy Kelly could give him fits.
Shaun Phillips DE 15 6027 252 34 9.5
Played left end all week but better suited for the right side. If they let him rush the passer at RDE he will stand out otherwise he'll have great difficulty stopping the run as he tries to bounce it around blockers.
Cody Pickett QB 3 6033 227 32 9.5
Expect a solid game from Pickett who should be the North's best quarterback. Also expect him to challenge the vertical game.
Lousaka Polite FB 43 5113 244 31 9.25
Will Poole CB 28 5102 193 30.5 10
Brian Rimpf T 69 6053 315 33.5 9
Tough but expect him to be exploited by the speedier rushers from the South.
Bob Sanders S 33 5083 204 30.5 9
Stuart Schweigert S 9 6017 212 32 9.5
Will come up the field and lay the wood but don't be surprised to see him get burnt during the game.
Antonio Smith DE 91 6030 266 35.5 10.5
Imposing looking athlete but really didn't do much during practice.
Isaac Sopoaga DT 48 6023 321 34 10.5
Will get a lot of push up the field but see if the South's interior linemen don't get underneath him then stand him up.
Alex Stepanovich G 76 6032 301 32 9.5
Will be used at center and guard. Expect Lavalais to torch him at least once.
Derrick Strait CB 2 5110 189 31.75 9.5
If he plays and is not injured we expect at least one pick. Watch how he is constantly around the ball.
Thomas Tapeh FB 44 6010 243 31.12 9.5
Should be more effective handling the ball then blocking for the ball handler.
Joey Thomas CB 1 6007 193 32.25 9.25
Will stick like glue to receivers but let's see if he ever turns his head back around to make a play on the pass.
Michael Turner RB 32 5102 237 30.5 9.5
Speed is going to be a problem. Will gain the tough short yardage and watch how many tackles he breaks on the inside. Also keep careful watch of his blocking.
Courtney Watson MLB 35 6012 235 31.5 9.25
Will make plays against the run but will also take to many false steps in pass coverage and get caught out of position.
Grant Wiley OLB 6 5117 233 29.25 8.5
Used at the strong side. Stacks against the run well but again, keep careful watch of him when called upon to defend the pass.
Demorrio Williams OLB 47 6007 229 32.25 8.25
Really plays downhill. Expect him to go sideline to sideline and fly around the action but yet again, another North linebacker that struggles defending the pass (though its' mental in this case).
Kris Wilson TE 86 6016 246 33.12 9.25
Should make a lot of catches. Watch his routes, reliable hands and lack of speed.

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