Is Brunell to Dallas <i>Really</i> Possible?

4 teams appear to be in the mix to land the services of Jacksonville quarterback Mark Brunell. Can the Cowboys somehow lure the veteran signal caller to Valley Ranch? We've got the scoop, inside!

Rumors and speculation have already made their way firmly into sports talk radio and Internet message boards.

Mark Brunell is being made available by the Jacksonville Jaguars for either a second or third round pick in this April's NFL Draft.

4 teams, including the Cowboys, Dolphins, and Redskins, were reported to be in the mix this weekend by several media outlets.

Brunell, who suffered an injury to his left elbow early last season before giving way to rookie Byron Leftwhich, has played in almost 120 games in his 11-year NFL career.

The former Washington Husky has thrown for over 25,000 yards and 144 touchdowns in his NFL career, and on two occasions, he led the Jaguars to the AFC Championship game. Now, almost a year removed from any sort of consistent playing time, he's the talk of the league.

Some people, myself included, want Mark Brunell in Dallas. And still others don't.

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter. Like it or not, Mark Brunell will not be wearing silver and blue next year.

Sources have told SilverStarDigest that Brunell will likely land in either Washington or Miami. reported on Sunday that Brunell would likely end up in Washington, but it also is widely known that Brunell himself would rather play in Miami.

Furthermore, it also now appears that the Redskins, and owner Dan Synder, are willing to give up more for Brunell than any other team, including the Cowboys.

Head coach Bill Parcells hinted after the end of the season that the organization would look to improve at every position possible this offseason, and one of those potential changes has reportedly been at quarterback.

In the eyes of most, Quincy Carter improved enough last year to warrant serious consideration for the starting position in 2004.

Nevertheless, it is believed that at least one additional quarterback will be brought on to challenge Carter this offseason.

Whether that signal caller comes via free agency, a trade, or the draft is anyone's guess.

All we know right now is that it doesn't appear to be Mark Brunell.

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