Charley Casserly-Drew Henson Transcript

After this (workout) Drew (Henson), myself and Tom Condon will set out to find out who's interested and then start talking to those teams about the contract, which will be Tom Condon and the trade which will be myself," said Texans GM Charley Casserly.

It's a private matter between all the teams. On technicalities, our rookie pool is $238,000, so the contract has to have a rookie pool number of $238,000. That's important to know that. He is technically signed by the Houston Texans, but it would be negotiated with the other team. The signing is just a technicality, it's on our letterhead, so to speak and it's traded the same day. There are many ways to be creative with the contract. The agent doesn't feel that's an issue. We don't think it's an issue. We met on it last summer to discuss scenarios. We've talked many times since then on scenarios. I'm not going to get into scenarios on that. Needless to say, there are ways to be creative on the contract. As far as a time schedule, I have no idea. We just take this day-by-day from here. You cannot complete a trade until March fourth. You can certainly complete a trade verbally, but with the league you cant trade a player until March fourth, that's a league rule. So those are kind of the particulars."

(on how extensive the talks have been) "The whole idea is just wait until today. People say who's interested? Well I have a feeling on who's interested based on who've I talked to, but to be fair to everybody, let's go see the guy throw and then we'll really know how interested we are. I'm speaking for other people. Other people have just started to look at the tape. I think from here on, we'll find out (the level of interest). The reason we scheduled a workout now is to number one get going on it fast and to have it done before the combine. This would give the agent and myself the combine to talk to teams."

(on if Drew Henson and his agent have showed interest in specific teams) "No. They've been very open. Drew can answer that himself, but in talking to them they're just looking for a good opportunity. What they want to do is go someplace where they have a chance to compete, at some point, for the job. I think he can answer that too, but that's basically what they've talked to us about."

(on what Henson is going to do today) "What he's going to do, he's just going to throw today. He has a prescribed workout. When it's done, if there's any coach that has something that they did not see in the workout then they can go to Larry Kennan, who will run the workout - Larry is Drew's coach for IMG, and they can request anything within reason and we'll do it."

(on if you are providing film for other teams) "We have a video you can see. Our video people are here. We're going to video it and offer it to all the teams in the league."

(on the possibility of a team showing interest if they don't show up) "I doubt that. I think you want to be here and see the guy live. I think logically, team's that are serious are going to want to bring Drew into their facilities and have him throw in their facility and do whatever they want to do at their facility and they'll have that option. We'll talk that through with Drew and his agent."

(on if he's pleased with the interest) "Yes I'm pleased, but I'm not surprised. He's a young-talented guy. I don't think since Brett Favre, have you had a guy with this kind of raw talent available in a trade situation. Brett Favre, not talking about where he is now, but when he got traded he was a second-round draft choice. For a young guy that had talent that things didn't go right in Atlanta and he became available in a trade. Ron Wolf was smart enough to go get the deal done. I think this is a parallel situation. I'm not saying he's going to be Brett Favre, but he's a young-talented quarterback that's available outside the draft process. If you're a team that needs a young quarterback, this is a way you beat the system. This is how you get a Brett Favre or Steve Young, one of those guys, you beat the system."

(on difference if he went into the draft) "If he went in the draft, nobody's going to take this guy in the top 10 picks and give him 15 million dollars, because he hasn't played in a couple of years. So, yeah that's an issue. I think it's an issue that will come into play as we go through a trade process, but it's also answered in the contract process because you're not paying a heck of a lot of money for this guy too. That's what's really unique to me about this thing is what is your guarantee up front going to be. It's not going to be as significant perhaps as you would in a draft situation."

(on his baseball career) "I thought based on what we knew from the baseball scouting reports and from what the Yankees thought about him, that this thing wasn't going to go another year. So could we bet the house on it? No. Could we bet the garage on it? Yes."

(on Henson's layoff from football) "We scouted him in 2000. In 2000, we weren't drafting so we were scouting underclassmen. We scouted Drew Henson just like he was going to be in the draft, because he was going to be in the draft for us in 2002. We rated him as a first round pick back in 2000. I was there with Jay Schroeder with the Redskins. Jay Schroeder came in and the first year sat the bench. Year two, he comes off the bench in the Theismann-Lawrence Taylor broken leg game. He comes back beats the Giants in that game and then goes on and we're 5-1 the rest of the year. Year three he throws for 4,000 yards and goes to the Pro Bowl. So, I lived through that scenario. Drew Henson is better than Jay Schroeder. He's just better. He's a better athlete, he's a better thrower, he's a better player in college. The irony is in Schroeder's last regular season game they upset USC. His (Henson) last regular season game, what's he do, he upsets Ohio State. So, they had a lot of similarities, they just couldn't hit a curve ball."

(on playing side-by-side with Tom Brady) "I think it's certainly is not a negative when the guy who beat him out ultimately at Michigan is the youngest guy ever to win two MVP Super Bowl trophies in the history of the league. They split time and eventually they decided to go with Tom Brady to finish the season. When you talk to Sam Parrish, and he's been on national television and said this that Drew Henson is of equal talent to Tom Brady at that point in time. Drew played one more year, then left. Tom Brady obviously was not a sixth round draft choice, he should have been a first round draft choice in hindsight."

After workout

(on how you felt) "I felt good. That was about as good as I could have thrown today. I am pleased with it."

(on if you were nervous) "People have asked me that. This is what we do each time we workout. The only difference is that you guys are here. This is my typical workout. I tried to treat it the same."

(on being able to showcase your talents) "This is my chance with the teams. I haven't thrown it in front of anyone in a couple of years. This lets them see that I've come back. I'm physically in good shape. We'll just try to figure out where we'll go from here."

(on if you are interested in some of the teams here today) "Yes absolutely. I don't have any favorites at this point. I'll just try to take the next few days and meet with the coaches and get to know the different organizations. I'm really open-minded about this."

(on how long you worked with your receivers) "Three of them (Morris, Dugans and Makovicka) for a week. The other (Johnson) since yesterday."

(on getting into a situation where you can start right away) "Again, everyone wants to play. I'd love to step in and play. If it will benefit me and the team to back someone up and learn behind someone for a bit, I'm open to that. Whatever that is going to help the team be successful in the long run is what I'll take."

(on going from baseball to football) "It fits with me a little better being out here. I get to be a little more athletic. I'll be able to be a little more emotional. I can really get after it. In baseball, I had to tone down my emotions. Here you can let it go a little bit."

(on if it was your choice to play football instead of quitting baseball) "It was my choice. It was more that I love the game of football. I missed it more than I thought I would."

(on seeing Tom Brady) "It's great to see him have success. Any ex-teammate, especially one that you are in the room with for so much time, to go in the league and do what he's done, I'm so happy for him. If he can do it, spending as much time with him that I have, it gives me confidence that I can to."

(on if that proves to you that you can be successful) "Possibly, if you put your work in. It's not easy. He used say a lot of times, doing what they did is the hardest thing in the world, but I'm ready to take my shot."

(on the speed of the NFL) "I think I'll be on par with other rookies. That's probably the biggest adjustment, that and the schemes. Every player makes adjustments. The same thing was going from high school to college. You go through that period of time. The more you learn, the more you get comfortable."

(on if it gives you an edge to be with a team before the draft) "Sure. The longer you can spend before everyone gets there; it gives me and my teammates an advantage. I would love to get in early and get a jump start."

(on how quickly you hope this gets resolved) "I don't know if any of us know between me, my agent and Mr. Casserly. I would hope more sooner than later. Part of the benefit for myself and the team is to get it done early, get to the city and get going."

(on the value of being able to choose your own destiny) "Very. Not many players have this chance to have any type of control over where they go. The draft is the draft. You have no control over who takes you. That's probably the main reason we're exploring this route."

(on the type of impression you made) "I feel good about it. The teams and the coaches can take from it what they want. Hopefully I showed them that I'm in good shape and that I can make every throw that they ask for."

(on how long have you worked with coach Keenan) "We've been together about three months, since about November. We talk some mechanic stuff, but mostly he's been in the league a long time. He's dealt with a lot of good quarterbacks. We've talked about things I'll have to do once I get to my team. The type of work ethic and schedules, the smaller stuff rather then the on-field things."

Report: Adam Caplan, editor,

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Notes: Free agents FB Joel Mackovika and WRs Ron Dugans and Sylvester Morris caught passes in today's workout from Henson and he met with KC, GB, MIA, and BUF after the workout.

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