Friday Interview Notes: NFL Combine 2004

Eli Manning confirmed that he will not be working out at the combine. Instead, he will on his pro day on March 11th at the New Orleans Saints practice facility.

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Devery Henderson / WR / LSU

- Confirmed for us that he will not work out here. He will at his pro day.
- Has been working out with speed coach Tom Shaw who Henderson said he helping him get off the line better.

- Feels that he can run better than a 4.3 40.

- Told us that Senior Bowl week was helpful because he got to work with NFL coaches and he got to see how the pace is of their practices.

- Henderson, in our mind, is going to be a solid sleeper prospect that you could here from within his first two years of his pro career.

Addition notes:

- We have confirmed that the 49ers (with Terrell Owens and Tai Streets to be free agents come 3/3) have spoken to WRs Darrius Watts (Marshall) and Keary Colbert (USC).

John Navarre / QB / Michigan

- Confirmed for us that he met with the Dolphins on Thursday.

Eli Manning / QB / Mississippi

- Confirmed that he will not be working out here rather he will on his pro day on 3/11 at the Saints practice facility.

J.P. Losman / QB / Tulane

- Confirmed for us that he will participate in all drills here and on is pro day on 3/10.

Ben Roethlisberger / QB / Miami-Ohio

- Confirmed he will not run here. He will workout at his pro day on 3/15.

- He said he did not play QB until his senior year on high school.

Mewelde Moore / RB / Tulane

- Fourth-round draft pick (2000) of the San Diego Padres and he played three seasons of minor league baseball. He played center field. He added he is done with baseball and will finish his athletic career as a football player.

- Confirmed he had surgery on his left hand in November but is not hindered by it at all. He had no problems during Senior Bowl week.

- Confirmed he would do everything here but lift weights. He will do that on his pro day, which is scheduled for 3/16.

- Confirmed that he has talked to Green Bay, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and TB so far and he believes the Saints are very interested in him.

- Told us he really enjoyed Senior Bowl week and it was beneficial for him to work with professional coaches.

Steven Jackson / RB / Oregon St.

- Will not be working out here. He will be working out at this pro day on 3/11.

- Weighed in at 240 today and he would like to play at 235, which was his playing weight in college.

- Believes that being able to catch 40+ passes for around 500 yards this season will help teams see that he's a versatile back.

- Believes he can a three down back and he compares himself to Deuce McAllister and Jamal Lewis.

- Said he should be able to run about a 4.4 and he thinks he has good speed for a player of his size.

- Wants to be the first RB taken in the draft.

- Said he decided not to return for senior year because of his solid bowl game and that clinched it for him.

- Said he is a year from graduating (Architecture-3.00 GPA).

- Confirmed that he suffered a torn meniscus (MRI taken after the game confirmed it) during the bowl game and he had a scope (about a month ago). He added he had no other medical issues after taking his physical here this week.

Chris Perry / RB / Michigan

- Confirmed that he will not run here because his hamstring is tight. He will probably lift.

- Said the last time that he ran the 40 was in 2002 and he ran about a 4.5 and he feels that he can improve on that.

- Confirmed that he has already talked to the Giants, Bears, Bengals, and Panthers.

Fred Russell / RB / Iowa

- Confirmed he measured in today at 5'7''/195

- Wiill work out here this week fully and on his pro day on 3/8.

- Confirmed that he broke both scapulas (shoulders) in college. One of the injuries was on a hit from S Bob Sanders during practice.

Reggie Williams / WR / Washington

- Confirmed for us that he plans on working out here this week. He will also do so on his Pro Day.

- Feels that his run after the catch (RAC) is his best attribute (good for the West Coast offense).

Michael Clayton / WR / LSU

- Confirmed for us that he will do everything here. He has been working out in Bradenton Fla. at a speed school and he feels he is ready to run a solid 40-time here.

- Said that had QB Matt Mauck returned to LSU and not left early, he probably would have returned to LSU for his senior season.

- Confirmed that he met with Tampa Bay, San Francisco, New York Giants, Jacksonville, and Washington so far.

- Said his target 40-time is 4.4-4.5.

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