NFL Combine: Saturday Interview Notes

One of our favorite defensive tackles available this year, Maryland's Randy Starks, will be participating in all drills at the NFL Combine. Starks has also met with several teams, including Oakland, San Francisco, and a whole host of other teams.

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Michael Jenkins / WR / Ohio St.

- He told us that participating in Senior Bowl week was beneficial because it gave teams that hadn't seen him up close a chance to do so and they could learn more about him.

- Confirmed for us that he has already met with Kansas City, New York Jets, Jacksonville, and Washington. He added that he will be meeting with 11 more teams including the Eagles.

Marcus Tubbs / DL / Texas

- Teams are talking to him about playing the three-technique and NT.

- Has talked to San Francisco, Oakland, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis so far.

- Will participate in some drills here but not everything.

Spencer Johnson  / DL / Auburn

- Signed with agent Todd France.

- Has met with Denver, Jacksonville, and New Orleans.

- He said the toughest offensive lineman he faced in college was former Michigan OL Steve Hutchinson in his freshman season in the Citrus Bowl.

- The toughest RB to tackle was teammate Cadillac Williams.

Mondre Dickerson / DL / Tennessee

- Signed with agent Ian Greengross.

- Met with Indianapolis, Baltimore, Green Bay, Seattle

- Said his toughest competition was OL Vernon Carey (Miami-Fla.)

Dwan Edwards / DT / Oregon St.

- He was originally recruited by to play FB.

- Will workout here but he has no interviews set up yet.

- Confirmed that teammate WR James Newsom has talked San Francisco.

- Believes one of this best attributes is his intelligence.

Darrell Campbell / DL / Notre Dame

- Confirmed that he will workout here but he has not met with any teams yet.

- He said his toughest opponent was former Notre Dame C Jeff Faine (now starting with Cleveland).

- Said he would rather play DT at the next level but he's willing to play at DE.

- Signed with agent Ken Kremer (IMG).

Tommy Kelly / DL/ Mississippi State

- Hasn't had any interviews yet but has some scheduled over the next 24 hours.

- Will participate fully in all workouts here. He finished with 25 reps on the bench press.

- He's comfortable playing at DE or three-technique DT.

- Signed with agent Gary Wichard

Randy Starks / DT / Maryland

- Will participate fully in all drills here.

- Prefers to play at NT at the next level.

- Said his toughest competition was OL Tony Pape of Michigan.

- Has met with Oakland, San Francisco, New England, Atlanta, Carolina, and Miami.

Darnell Dockett / DL / Florida St.

- His toughest competition in his collegiate career was OL Milford Brown (now with Houston) and OL Montrae Holland (now with New Orleans).

- Signed with agent Drew Rosenhaus.

- Met with the New Orleans, New York Giants, Pittsburgh.

- Would like to play at 300 lbs at the next level which is what he weighed at here.

Ahmad Childress / DL / Alabama

- Confirmed that he has met with Detroit and Washington

- Said his toughest competition in his collegiate career was fellow teammate OL Justin Smiley

- Said he will not workout here but he will at this pro day on 3/11.

Antwan Odom / DE / Alabama

- Will participate fully in all drills here.

- Confirmed that he has met with Indianapolis and Chicago so far.

- Has signed with agent Tony Agone.

Will Smith / DE / Ohio State

- Hasn't met with any teams yet.

- He has signed with agent Joel Segal.

Ben Hartsock  / TE / Ohio State

- Confirmed that he'll participate in all drills here.

- He said his toughest opponents were former Purdue LB Akin Ayodele (now with Jacksonville) and former Penn St. DE Michael Haynes (now with Chicago).

Jason Peters / TE / Arkansas

- Said about half of the teams that he has talked to so far have discussed drafting him as a tackle instead of a tight end.

Ben Troupe / TE / Florida

- Confirmed he measured in today at 6'4 and 260. He plans to play at 255 at the next level.

- Confirmed that he has talked to Tennessee, Minnesota, and Detroit so far.

- Said he thinks he's better than any player in the draft including Winslow.

- He said his toughest opponents were DE David Pollock from Georgia LB D.J. Williams from Miami.

- Has signed with an agent (Joel Segal).

Kellen Winslow / TE / Miami-Fla.

- Confirmed he measured in today at 6'3 7/8 and 251.

- Will not run here. He will at his pro day. He will participate in the bench press and the vertical jump here.

- Does regret his outburst after the Tennessee game where he clearly showed his frustration. He deemed what he said as "stupid" and he's learned from it.

- Reason why he decided to leave early was that "the game was getting too easy and so was practice." It's certainly rare to hear a player make that statement.

- He said he not only wants to be a better TE than his father but he wants to be the best to ever play the position at the professional level.

- Added he wanted to be a professional football player since four or five years old.

- When asked to compare his playing style to other TEs, he said he's more of Jeremy Shockey than Kellen Winslow Sr.

- Said he can make an immediate impact in the NFL because of the style of play at Miami.

Ben Watson / TE / Georgia

- Enjoyed the competition during Senior Bowl week and he now feels more confident about his playing ability.

- He signed with IMG to represent him.

- Said his toughest competition were OLBs Karlos Dansby and Dontarrius Thomas (Auburn) and DE David Pollack (Georgia).

Keith Willis / TE / Virginia Tech

- Said he will participate in everything here.

- Has met with Cincinnati, Denver, Kansas City, Washington, Cleveland, and Indianapolis, and Green Bay.

Max Starks / OL / Florida

- Signed with agent Eugene Parker.

- He said teams are looking at playing him at LT.

- Said his toughest competition in his collegiate career were former Tennessee DT John Henderson (now with Jacksonville), former Georgia DE Charles Grant (now with New Orleans), DE David Pollack (Georgia), and teammate DE Bobby McCray.

- Has met with Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Denver, New Orleans, New York Giants, Buffalo, and Baltimore.

Dave Ball / DE / UCLA

- Confirmed that he has met with 15 teams so far. He'll lift here but he won't do anything else here.

- Said Levi Jones formerly of Arizona St. (now a starting OT for the Bengals) was his toughest opponent ever. OT Jacob Rogers (USC) was his this season.

Jason Babin / DE / Western Michigan

- Played special teams all four years in college and would like to at the next level.

- Met with the Bears, Browns, Patriots, and Buccaneers, and Seahawks.

- His toughest opponent was OL Tony Pape (Michigan).

- He believes that his speed is his best attribute.

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