Combine-Breaking News

Besides the lifting and running, medical exams are an integral part of the NFL combine. Players are put through a battery of exams, which includes x-ray, MRI's and urinalysis to find and hidden maladies. Here is the case of two defensive linemen.

Yesterday morning after the last few defensive linemen were bench-pressing a very unusual occurrence happened. While Dietrich Canterberry was in the middle of his lift an official came in and walked up to the bench press, bypassing a pair of spotters. After he was done completing 26 repetitions, the official and a woman, leaving everyone dumbfounded, immediately escorted Canterberry from the room. Even New York Jets strength and conditioning coach John Lott, who oversees the bench press room, did not know what was happening.

We have learned that Canterberry was found to have a blood clot in his leg during exams and the medical team was furiously looking for him to make sure he didn't lift. Later, several scouts noted that one of his calf muscles did look extremely swollen. Canteerberry is finished here and will be further evaluated. They hope medication will solve the problem.

Also, Shawn Johnson, the pass rush specialist from Delaware, had a major shoulder procedure done last month and will not be ready to workout until late April. It is unlikely Johnson will now be drafted.

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