Complete Combine Practice sessions: PK/P

To "kick-off" the combine, the punters and kickers are always the first to workout for scouts in the RCA Dome.  This year held a few surprises and good results from the kickers specifically.  Here's the breakdown with complete charts....tomorrow night the quarterbacks are fully evaluated.

Kickers Analysis:

It was a surprise of sorts.  Nate Kaeding started off strong but faded and the winner was David Kimball of Penn State.  Kaeding should still be the first kicker drafted but Kimball has moved into the later rounds.  Scobee could also get a look in round seven.  Setta's only hope is that he is a dual purpose kicker/punter.



Players are given five chances to kick the ball off from the pro-mark (30-yard line).  Kicks are timed once off the tee until they hit the turf of the RCA Dome.  The object is to get hang time and distance, not an easy feat.  Many kick low line-drivers that get little hang time.  To make it easy, a kick from the 30-yard line to the end zone is 70-yards.  

Kaeding was the best and most consistent here.  He boomed his kick-offs and they went further than anyone else.  Kimball had a few good kicks.  His run up is strange, almost like a Charlie Brown run-up to the tee and at times I thought he would miss the ball entirely.

How to read the chart: 65-4.22= 65-yard kick off in the air for 4.22 seconds

NAME 1 2 3 4 5
Nate Kaeding -Iowa 65-4.22 70-4.09 75-4.38 65-4.35  
David Kimball -PSU 70-4.47 67-4.38 62-4.31 71-4.28 68-4.13
Josh Scobee -LTU 67-4.47 67-4.19 62-4.31 62-X 71-X
Nick Setta -ND 55-4.03 56-X 56-3.84 61-4.03 57-3.84

Field Goals

Players are given three consecutive attempts from each mark.  The attempts are from snaps and holds by a designated long snapper. 

Kimball was a big winner.  He consistently put the kicks right down the middle and even at 50-yards had plenty of room to spare.

How to read: G- Good  NG- No Good

NAME 30Y 35Y 40Y 45Y 50Y
Nate Kaeding G/G/G G/G/G G/G/G G/NG/G NG/G/NG
David Kimball G/G/G G/G/G G/G/G G/G/G G/G/G
Josh Scobee G/G/G G/G/G G/G/G G/G/G NG/G/G

Lift Drill

The kickers get five tries to make a field goal from a ball that is held five yards into the end zone.  The purpose of this drill is to get the ball up as fast as possible.  If they don't a resounding "ping" is heard through the RCA Dome

Again, Kimball was the winner and cleanly got all his attempts through the uprights.

NAME 1 2 3 4 5
Nate Kaeding G G G G G
David Kimball G G G G G
Josh Scobee NG NG G NG NG
Nick Setta G G G NG NG

Punters Analysis:

Based on today, I don't see any punter other than B.J. Sander getting drafted, and that will only be in the late rounds.  Donnie Jones was terrible and afterwards some of his people were very upset about his performance.  I was surprised they did not do any directional punting.


Distance & Hang Time

How to read the chart: 32-3.39= 32-yard punt off in the air for 3.39 seconds

NAME 1 2 3 4 5
Donnie Jones 32-3.39 36-3.67 37-3.34 42-5.04 32-3.74
Kyle Larson 32-3.59 48-4.99 52-x 48-4.93 47-5.04
Andy Lee 47-4.81 40-3.46 35-3.56 55-4.31 42-4.66
Jesse Nicassio 46-x 46-4.87 40-4.04 48-4.79 28-4.43
B.J. Sander 42-x 38-4.98 52-4.45 30-4.85 38-4.69
Scott Verhalen 30-4.66 35-4.67 31-4.46 30-4.36 39-4.73

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