2004 NFL Draft Quarterback Top 10

Heading into the final few weeks before the draft, as the Pro-Days close out, here's an updated ranking with full scouting reports on this years top 10.

Name: Eli Manning School: Mississippi Year: 5Sr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 221 40: 4.92 Pos: QB

Bio: Three year starter awarded numerous honors since his sophomore campaign. All American, All Conference and SEC Offensive Player of the Year as a senior when he also won the Maxwell Award as the nation's top collegiate player and Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, handed to the top senior quarterback in the country. Finished 2003 with passing numbers of 62.4%/3,600/29/10. Second team All-SEC as a junior when he became the school's career leader in touchdown passes and finished the season throwing 58%/3,401/21/15. Earned honorable mention All America honors from several media outlets as a sophomore in 2001 after numbers of 63.5%/2,948/31/9. All Academic selection in the past and carries a 3.44 GPA. Brother of Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts and son to former Saints passer Archie Manning.

Pos: Smart, instinctive passer with a great feel for the game. Sets up with solid footwork, senses pressure then steps up to avoid the rush. Patient, buys as much time as possible and remains calm as the pocket collapses around him. Sells the ball fake, sees the field and finds the open wide out. Quick releasing the pass, puts zip on his throws over the middle and nicely times the outs. Goes through receiver progressions, knows where his pass catchers are on the field and puts touch on throws when needed. Gets outside the pocket if pressured and accurate throwing on the move. Lets receivers run to the corner routes putting air under his throws. Always in total command of the offense.

Neg: Deep throws lack speed and must improve his accuracy down the field. Lacks the quick set up or ability to immediately get the ball off on a three step drop. Does not display the same pinpoint pass placement his brother did coming out of college.

Analysis: By himself, Eli is a top prospect worthy of the first pick in April's and a quarterback that can lead a team at the next level. Yet with that he'll constantly be compared to brother Peyton and does not possess the same detailed nature or overall quarterback intangibles. Should be graded on what he is; a terrific prospect that can quickly start at the next level and deliver early returns.

Name: Ben Roethlisberger School: Miami-Oh Year: 4Jr
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 247 40: 4.94 Pos: QB

Bio: First team All Conference choice garnering All American notice as a junior after passing numbers of 69.1%/4,486/37/10 with an efficiency rating of 165.84. Established Miami single season records for pass completions and passing yards, breaking his own totals from 2002. Sophomore numbers were 63.3%/3,238/22/11. Named MAC Freshman of the Year in 2001 after completing 66.3%/3,105/25/13. Joined Chad Pennington and Byron Leftwich as the only MAC quarterbacks to pass for 3,000 or more yards in three separate seasons and accumulated 10,829 yards passing during that time.

Pos: Big armed pocket passer with the ability to grow into a franchise quarterback. Sets up to deliver the ball with solid footwork, stands strong in the pocket and smart. Sells the ball fakes, scans the field and consistently finds the open pass catcher. Senses the rush yet buys as much time as possible, waiting for the last second before releasing the ball. Rarely panics, in complete control of the offense and a true leader behind center. Natural looking off the safety, throws with a fluid over delivery and possesses a big arm. Drives deep passes downfield, puts zip on the intermediate routes as well as velocity on all his throws. Throws tight spirals and beautifully arches deep throws. Leads receivers over the middle and very accurate. Gets outside tackle and accurate passing on the move. Does not make poor decisions and always working to make positive plays.

Neg: A pocket passer with marginal mobility and ca not escape the rush. Must improve his downfield accuracy as well as the placement of the outs. Majority of snaps are taken out of the shotgun.

Analysis: A high character prospect well liked and respected, Roethlisberger is gifted both physically and intellectually. Possesses the skills a franchise can build their team around for a winning future. May not offer early returns but has more upside potential than any other signal caller in this draft.

Name: Philip Rivers School: North Carolina State Year: 4Sr
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 229 40: 5.04 Pos: QB

Bio: ACC Player of the Year as a senior after passing numbers of 72%/4,491/34/7, leading the nation in completion percentage as well as passing efficiency (170.49). Set ACC single season records for total offense (4,600), total touchdowns (37), passing yards and completion percentage. Threw 124 straight passes without an interception. Junior totals were 62.7%/3,353/20/10 after 62.5%/2,586/16/7. Broke into the starting lineup as a true freshman and named ACC Rookie of the Year after numbers of 53.7%/3,054/25/10. Second leading passer in NCAA history with 13,484 career passing yards and set a record with 51 career starts at quarterback. Awarded All Academic honors several times in college.

Pos: Play-making quarterback with a great feel for the position and game. Sets in the pocket with solid footwork, does a terrific job selling the ball fakes then scans the field, buying as much time as possible. Patient, in total control of the offense and makes smart decisions. Natural looking off the safety, stands strong against the rush and works hard to make positive plays. Sharp and accurate in the short game; leads receivers on crossing patters, puts zip on intermediate throws and has a great sense of timing. Knows were the receivers are on the field and puts passes where only his wide outs can make the reception. Instinctive, possesses great football intelligence and a leader in every sense of the word. Turned in a tremendous performance at the Senior Bowl after an illustrious collegiate career

Neg: Has a terrible throwing motion best described as awkward. Pushes the ball or whips it from the side and falls out of his throws. Looks like he's throwing a heavy ball and constantly changes his point of release. Cannot drive the deep pass and not accurate down the field.

Analysis: Rivers is the type of prospect that will draw much debate and discussion leading up to and after draft day. While many criticize his mechanics and throwing fundamentals, you can not overlook his accuracy or ability to lead a team. May not be a quarterback for everyone and can only fit certain schemes but a solid first round selection that could quickly break into a starting lineup at the next level.

Name: J.P. Losman School: Tulane Year: 4Sr
Ht: 6-2.5 Wt: 224 40: 4.71 Pos: QB

Bio: Second team All Conference selection in '03 after completing 59.5%/3,077/33/14. Replaced Patrick Ramsey the prior season and passed for 57.4%/2,468/19/10. Had a solid combine and displayed some of the best long passing skills.

Pos: Nice sized athletic passer with an NFL arm. Quickly sets up in the pocket, has a short, quick delivery and the pass explodes from his hand. Patient, buys time in the pocket and a tough passer that takes a hit in order to get the throw off. Senses pressure, gets outside tackle and easily eludes the rush, making the throw on the move. Looks off the safety and goes to secondary targets, not forcing the issue or making bad choices. Challenges the vertical game and at the same time makes all the throws. Zips the outs into tight coverage, drives the ball downfield, yet also puts touch on passes when required. Makes plays with his legs and has an aggressive running style when he takes off from the pocket.

Neg: Throws flat footed at times and as a result will be high of a target. Too often relies on his strong arm to make the play. Holds the ball too long in the pocket and takes unnecessary sacks.

Analysis: A confident quarterback with the tools to back it up, Losman is a physically gifted passer with the ability to play in multiple offensive schemes. Offering a good upside for the next level, he will eventually be a solid productive quarterback in the NFL.

Name: Cody Pickett School: Washington Year: 5Sr
Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 233 40: 4.82 Pos: QB

Bio: Second team All Conference choice who passed for 56.6%/3,043/15/13 as a senior despite a rib injury. Incredibly productive as a junior when he totaled 59.6%/4,458/28/14 becoming the first quarterback in PAC 10 history to throw for more than 4,000 yards in a season, also smashing conference records for offensive yards, pass completions and offensive attempts. Broke into the starting lineup as a freshman and had an immediate impact with 56.1%/2,403/10/14. Led his team to five comeback victories in the fourth quarter that season.

Pos: Athletically gifted passer with a high upside for the next level. Sets up with solid footwork, quickly gets rid of the ball and displays NFL-type arm strength. Zips the outs, puts speed on short throws and passes quickly gets to the intended target. Looks off the safety, goes to the safe underneath route or gets outside of tackle and makes the throw on the move. Patient, buys time and takes a hit in order to get the pass off. Does not throw the bad interception.

Neg: Marginal accuracy outside of ten yards and does not always throw with an over the top motion. Really does not drive the ball downfield.

Analysis: A tough competitor with top leadership qualities, Pickett possesses the physical skills necessary to be a productive starting quarterback in the NFL. Must improve his fundamentals but a solid middle round choice.

Name: Robert Kent School: Jackson State Year: 5Sr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 222 40: 4.9 Pos: QB

Bio: Moved into the starting lineup as a freshman and has been there since. Senior passing numbers were 51%/2,273/15/14 after 58.6%/3,374/31/12 as a junior when he won All Conference honors. All League as a sophomore when he set school records for total offense, passing attempts and completions with numbers of 54.1%/3,640/31/21.

Pos: Athletic passer that must improve the finer points of his position. Quickly sets up in the pocket, patient and fluid in all aspects. Goes through receiver progressions, senses pressure and throws the ball away rather than taking a bad sack. Sells the ball fakes, does not force throws and makes plays with his legs if nothing is available. Drives the pass downfield, can thread a needle yet also puts touch on throws when required. Elusive and effortlessly making the throw on the run. Looked sharp at the combine and one of the more accurate passers in attendance.

Neg: Coming off a poor senior campaign in which he complained outwardly about not throwing the ball enough. Inconsistent throwing motion; drops his shoulder, whips it from the side and has a low trajectory point. Passes seemed to sail high of the mark last season.

Analysis: A prospect that had been a terrific leader and productive collegian for most of his career, Kent seemingly had a case of senioritis in 2003. Still possesses terrific athletic skills and quarterbacking intangibles, which gives him the upper hand at the next level.

Name: Jared Lorenzen School: Kentucky Year: 5Sr
Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 288 40: 5.29 Pos: QB

Bio: Starter the past four seasons who threw for 56.8%/2,221/16/8 as a senior after 56%/2,267/24/5 during his junior campaign. Sophomore totals included 57.2%/2,179/19/7 after 53.6%/3,687/19/21 as a freshman. Weighed 288 pounds at the Combine and was 21.6% body fat. Reportedly has been in excess of 300 pounds in college.

Pos: Big, strong left handed passer that must refine his total game. Sets to deliver the ball with good footwork, strong in the pocket and tough to bring down. Patient, buys time for receivers and waits for the last possible minute before releasing the throw. Scrambles outside of tackle and makes the pass on the move. Fires the ball downfield, throws darts and all the passes have speed. Vocal leader that works hard to make positive plays.

Neg: Stares down the primary target and rarely goes through receiver progressions. Hesitant making decisions, unsure of himself and tosses the ball up for grabs. Holds the ball too long in the pocket and gets antsy. Whips the ball from the side and does not have a consistent throwing motion.

Analysis: Fondly referred to as the "Hefty Lefty" because of his enormous size, Lorenzen is a good athlete with solid underlying quarterback skills. Must refine his techniques and become more of a passer rather than a thrower and obviously weight will be an issue for Lorenzen. Could be a productive passer at the next level if he focuses on improving the fundamentals.

Name: John Navarre School: Michigan Year: 5Sr
Ht: 6-6 Wt: 246 40: 5.22 Pos: QB

Bio: All Conference selection last year after completing 59.2%/3,331/24/10. Honorable Mention All League choice as a junior after completing 55.4%/2,905/21/7. Became a full-time starter as a sophomore and passed for 53.8%/2,435/19/13. Holds Michigan records for pass completions, attempts, as well as yards.

Pos: Nice sized pocket passer best in the short or intermediate range game. Throws with a fluid release patient as the pocket collapses around him and buys as much time as possible for receivers. Good timing on the outs, puts deep throws in front of targets and displays touch when necessary. Quick finding the open wide out on the field or the hot receiver off the blitz. Takes the safe underneath target rather than force passes down the field. Intermediate range throws have zip and are right on the mark.

Neg: Not quick getting the ball off on a three step drop, cannot drive his throws down the field and high of the mark when trying to get extra speed on throws.

Analysis: A heady leader of a offense, Navarre could flourish at the next level in the proper system. Needs a strong offensive line and running game as a supporting cast, yet his sense of timing and intelligence lends one to believe he'd be effective in a variety of systems.

Name: Luke McCown School: Louisiana Tech Year: 4Sr
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 208 40: 4.71 Pos: QB

Bio: Four year starter who totaled 56.9%/3,246/19/14 as a senior after 58.6%/3,539/19/19 the prior season. Second team All Conference selection in 2001 after posting career numbers of 58%/3,665/29/17. Brother Josh McCown plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

Pos: Productive collegiate quarterback with the arm to play at the next level. Sets up with solid footwork, sells the ball fakes and patient in the pocket. Quickly releases the pass, zips the short throws and threads the needle. Improved his accuracy the past two seasons, does not take a bad sack and works to make positive plays. Loses nothing throwing on the run.

Neg: Does not always find the safety and tosses the ball into coverage. Stares down primary targets and slow going to secondary receivers. Gets flustered under pressure. Occasionally winds up and throws with an elongated motion.

Analysis: Very similar to older brother Josh, the younger McCown has the skills and physical abilities to succeed at the next level. Benefited from playing in a pass happy offense at LTU and must become acquainted with a structured pro style passing game.

Name: Josh Harris School: Bowling Green Year: 4Sr
Ht: 6-1.5 Wt: 238 40: 4.84 Pos: QB

Bio: Posted passing numbers of 65.85/3,813/27/12 as a senior with rushing totals of 215/972/13. Led the conference in scoring as a junior completing 51.6%/2,425/19/11 and adding 186/737/20on the ground. Used at quarterback, running back and receiver throughout his freshman campaign.

Pos: Athletic passer with NFL-type arm strength. Throws all the passes; drive the long ball, zips the outs and loses nothing throwing on the move. Threads the needle, firing passes in tight quarters between defenders. Accurate on the short routes or over the middle and lets targets run to the ball. Quick release and immediately gets the pass out of his hand, getting rid of the ball with a flick of his wrist. Effective when he throws with the proper fundamentals. Displays both vision and elusiveness carrying the ball. Tough and plays with pain.

Neg: Impatient and quickly takes off when if pressured. Not always on the same page as receivers and misses a lot of wide open targets. Marginal accuracy outside of ten yards and lacks a sense of timing.

Analysis: A quarterback that makes plays in all areas of the field, Harris offers good upside for the next level. Did not perform well at the Senior Bowl or Combine, yet looked good on film the past two seasons. Needs a lot of work on his fundamentals and pocket poise but a solid middle round pick that can be developed for the long term.


Round Rank Full Name School Year
1A 1 Eli Manning Mississippi 5Sr
1A 2 Ben Roethlisberger Miami-Oh 4Jr
1B 3 Philip Rivers North Carolina State 4Sr
2A 4 J.P. Losman Tulane 4Sr
3B 5 Cody Pickett Washington 5Sr
3C 6 Robert Kent Jackson State 5Sr
4A 7 Jared Lorenzen Kentucky 5Sr
4B 8 John Navarre Michigan 5Sr
5A 9 Luke McCown Louisiana Tech 4Sr
5A 10 Josh Harris Bowling Green 4Sr
5C 11 Bradlee Van_Pelt Colorado State 5Sr
5C 12 Matt Schaub Virginia 5Sr
6A 13 Scott Rislov San Jose State 5Sr
6B 14 Rod Rutherford Pittsburgh 5Sr
6B 15 Matt Mauck LSU 4Jr
7A 16 Brian Symons Texas Tech 5Sr
FA 17 Jason Fife Oregon 5Sr
FA 18 Casey Clausen Tennessee 4Sr
FA 19 Ryan Dinwiddie Boise State 5Sr
FA 20 Jeff Smoker Michigan State 4Sr
FA 21 Craig Krenzel Ohio State 5Sr
FA 22 Matt Kegel Washington State 5Sr
FA 23 Ryan Schneider Central Florida 5Sr
FA 24 Casey Bramlet Wyoming 5Sr
FA 25 Jim Sorgi Wisconsin 5Sr
FA 26 Chris Lewis Stanford 5Sr
FA 27 Nathan Chandler Iowa 5Sr
FA 28 Adam Hall San Diego State 5Sr
FA 29 Russ Michna Western Illinois 5Sr
FA 30 Andy Hall Delaware 4Sr
FA 31 Tate Bennett Weber State 5Sr
FA 32 Ell Roberson Kansas State 5Sr
FA 33 Ryan Flanigan Cal-Davis 5Sr
FA 34 Kevin Eakin Fordham 4Sr
FA 35 Marko Glavic Lafayette 4Sr


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