2004 NFL Draft Offensive Tackle Top 10

The Cowboys have let it be well known that they intend to acquire more talent on the offensive line in the upcoming NFL Draft. Today, we take an in-depth look at all the top players available for the Cowboys in the early rounds.

Name: Robert Gallery School Iowa Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-7 Wt: 323 40: 4.99 Pos: T

Bio: Four year starter that's played forty-nine games with the first-team at Iowa. Named All American as a senior, a first team All Big Ten 10 pick the past two seasons and an Academic All-Conference choice every year since his sophomore campaign. Began his career at Iowa as a tight end.

Positives: Big, athletic lineman with the frame to add bulk and power. Outstanding pass protector who blocks a wide base, terrific lean and easily rides rushers from their angle of attack. Bends his knees, slides laterally and a patient lineman that plays with great balance. Uses both angles and body positioning to wall defenders from the action yet blocks with a nasty attitude and wants to destroy opponents. Stuns defenders at the point with great hand jolt. Fundamentally sound and translates his classroom intelligence onto the football field.

Negatives: Not quick or explosive off the snap nor is he effective on the second level. A bit thin in his lower body and though strong, not a dominant run blocking tackle.

Analysis: One of the more versatile offensive tackles to enter the draft in a long while, Gallery is a terrific prospect that will offer immediate returns as well as long term potential. Should quickly come in and start as a left tackle for a franchise, yet could also grow into a dominant strong-side blocker. Will only get better as he physically matures and improves his skills as a run blocker.

Name: Shawn Andrews School Arkansas Year 3Jr
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 366 40: 5.54 Pos: T

Bio: Highly celebrated offensive lineman who made an impact as a true freshman. First team All Conference and All American choice the past three seasons and given the Jacobs Award as the most outstanding blocker in the SEC after both his sophomore and junior campaigns.

Positives: King sized offensive lineman that annihilates opponents at the point of attack. Quick off the snap, immediately jolts defenders with his hands and displays adequate footwork in space. Patient, looks for someone to hit and powerful at the point of attack. Easily pushes opponents off the line, blocks down well and destroys defenders. Bends his knees, stays square and rarely off his feet. Patient and seals blocks with body positioning. Athletic and moves well for one so large. Occasionally flashes skill removing linebackers from the action on the second level.

Negatives: Overweight and gets so large he becomes immobile at times. Lumbers, does not adjust well and has trouble with speedy edge rushers. Must improve his hand placement as well as explosion off the snap. Reportedly near 400 pounds in the middle of February.

Analysis: A large lineman that combines power and athleticism, Andrews plays to his size and has been one of college football's best offensive tackles the past three seasons. Possesses all the skills to be a dominant blocker at the next level but must be carefully watched at the next level as he must maintain proper conditioning year round. Could be a consummate All Pro should he get his priorities in line yet could also be a prospect that never lives up to expectations.

Name: Vernon Carey School Miami-Fl Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 335 40: 5.25 Pos: T

Bio: Second team All Conference selection as a senior after spending most of the campaign at guard. Moved into the starting lineup at right tackle as a junior.

Positives: Large, dominant blocker who destroys opponents at the point of attack. Stays square, works to bend his knees and generally plays with good pad level. Strong run blocker that drives opponents off the line, works to finish and opens holes for the running game. Thick, powerful lower body and easily holds the point of attack. Decent athlete that can shuffle or slide laterally in a small area. Quick getting his hands up into opponents and jolts them with good punch. Adjusts well for a big man.

Negatives: Not explosive off the snap into run blocks, ineffective in motion and looked restricted last season at guard. Ducks his head or overextends which adversely affects his blocking balance. Fulltime conditioning could be a question.

Analysis: As a junior at right tackle in 2002, Carey was one of the most dominant lineman in the nation and looked poised to become a first round selection when he entered the draft. Looked out of sorts this season at guard last season and took a while to get adjusted. Still, a quality blocker that should be starting in the NFL by the end of his first season.

Name: Kelly Butler School Purdue Year 4Jr
Ht: 6-7.5 Wt: 320 40: 5.14 Pos: T

Bio: Started thirty-eight games the past three seasons at right tackle. Named to several Big 10 All Freshman teams in 2001.

Positives: Athletic blocker with tremendous size and growth potential. Fundamentally sound lineman who sets with a wide base, bends his knees and works to keep his pads low. Stays square, can move in space and uses good blocking angles. Patient yet mashes defenders once engaged at the point. Quick setting in pass protection, and rides defenders from their angle of attack. Works hard and stays with assignments.

Negatives: Not a smooth lineman, lacks body control and balance. Can be exploited by speedy edge rushers as was the case last season against Ohio State.

Analysis: A big dominant force that controls opponents at the line of scrimmage, Butler offers a lot of upside for the next level. Must refine his overall game and increase his muscle mass but a prospect that could eventually develop into a starting right tackle in the NFL.

Name: Jacob Rogers School USC Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-5.5 Wt: 310 40: 5.32 Pos: T

Bio: Three year starter at left tackle who was an All American as a senior and given the Pac 10's Morris Trophy as the league's top offensive lineman.

Positives: Alert, tough lineman that excels in pass protection. Quickly sets up off the snap, plays with good lean and effectively uses both body positioning and blocking angles. Patient, picks up stunts or twists and though he doesn't look pretty, does just enough to protect the edge. Attacks blocking assignments, jolts opponents with his hands and seals blocks. Engulfs defenders and finishes blocks.

Negatives: Lacks the great footwork in space, not fluid and only an average run blocker.

Analysis: A very productive left tackle, Rogers understands the position and will eventually earn a starting job in the NFL. An average senior campaign will push him into the early part of round two.

Name: Adrian Jones School Kansas Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 296 40: 4.97 Pos: T

Bio: Former tight end that moved to left tackle last season and won All Conference honors. Posted pass-catching numbers of 14/140/1 as a junior.

Positives: Good sized, athletic blocker with a large upside for the next level. Breaks down well, bends his knees and displays top blocking range. Slides laterally using good blocking angles and stays square. Alert and patient while at the same time a nasty blocker that finishes off defenders. Extends his hands, strong and anchors in pass protection.

Negatives: Not quick off the snap and lacks adjustment. Plays a bit stiff and looks mechanical.

Analysis: Making a seamless transition to the left tackle position, Jones finished a terrific senior campaign then a brilliant performance at the combine. Possesses the athletic skills and growth potential to be a top blind side tackle at the next level and just needs repetition to fine tune his game.

Name: Nat Dorsey School Georgia Tech Year 3Jr
Ht: 6-7 Wt: 322 40: 5.47 Pos: T

Bio: Three year starter at left tackle who was an All Conference selection his first two years in the program.

Positives: King-sized offensive lineman with a tremendous amount of upside for the next level. Quick off the snap, moves well and displays adequate skill on the second level. Can slide laterally, stays with the action and works to finish blocks. Possesses a thick, powerful build, blocks with a wide base and stays square. Gets movement from run blocks, easily rides opponents from their angle of attack or engulfs defenders at the point. Gets great punch from his arms and works to bend his knees and play with leverage.

Negatives: Overextends, late with his hands and bends at the waist. Does not block with balance, ducks his head and uses poor angles. Not overly alert nor does he show great wherewithal during the play. Weight is an issue and looks poorly conditioned, wearing down late in the game.

Analysis: The athleticism Dorsey possesses combined with his great natural size has made him a force on the college level three years running. Now must take his game to the next level and commit to improving the details of his position as well as staying in shape year round to reach his maximum playing capability. Good workouts prior to the draft could push him into the late part of round one.

Name: Max Starks School Florida Year 4Sr
Ht: 6-7 Wt: 350 40: 5.38 Pos: T

Bio: Three year starter used at both left and right tackle as well as right guard. All-SEC first team selection by the coaches as a senior.

Positives: King sized lineman that dominates opponents at the point of attack. Quick getting into blocks, engulfs defenders, totally removing them from the action. Works to stay square, fights with his hands and easily controls opponents once engaged in a block. Helps out linemates and mentally alert. Blocks with a wide base, forward lean and goes hard until the whistle blows.

Negatives: Works to keep his feet moving but lacks lateral slide skills. Marginal abilities on the second level. Lumbers and lacks balance.

Analysis: A nasty lineman that takes pride in his work, Starks' versatility and ability to dominate opponents bodes well for the next level. Does not have the feet or agility to be a blind side tackle but could effectively man either positions on the right side of the line.

Name: Alan Reuber School Texas A&M Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-6.5 Wt: 323 40: 4.58 Pos: T

Bio: Full-time starter the past two years at strong side tackle, setting up on both sides of the line.

Positives: Big, powerful lineman best in confined quarters. Solid position blocker that walls defenders from the action, jolts them at the point or turns them from the play. Patient, stays square and attacks assignments. Gets movement from run blocks, sets with a wide base and works to finish the play.

Negatives: Stiff, lacks adjustment and blocking balance. Not effective off the line of scrimmage on the second level, has only marginal blocking range and limited skills sliding laterally.

Analysis: A top competitor that works hard on and off the field, Reuber is a solid prospect that does the extras to make himself a better player. Must improve his flexibility but could develop into a starter at either right tackle or guard at the next level.

Name: Brian Rimpf School East Carolina Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-5.5 Wt: 319 40: 5.44 Pos: T

Bio: Four year starter that's won All-Conference honors since he was a freshman. All-Academic award winner with a GPA of 3.9.

Positives: Durable lineman that's been productive from the get-go. Plays with good lean, stays square and keeps opponents in front. Works to keep his pads low, explodes into blocks and strong at the point. Turns opponents out once engaged at the point and uses good body positioning to seal blocks. Effectively uses angles in pass protection and displays adequate quickness setting up. Transfers his classroom intelligence onto the football field.

Negatives: Only good in a small area and struggles in space. Not a natural knee bender and exploited by speed rushers.

Analysis: Though not the greatest athlete, Rimpf has a good feel for the position, plays with top intelligence and an equal amount of tenacity. Will have trouble at the left tackle spot but could be an adequate back-up on the right side or develop into a starter at guard.

2004 Tackle Rankings

Rank Round Full Name School Year
1 1A Robert Gallery Iowa 5Sr
2 1B Shawn Andrews Arkansas 3Jr
3 2A Vernon Carey Miami-Fl 5Sr
4 2A Jacob Rogers USC 5Sr
5 2B Adrian Jones Kansas 5Sr
6 2B Kelly Butler Purdue 4Jr
7 2C Nat Dorsey Georgia Tech 3Jr
8 3A Max Starks Florida 4Sr
9 3B Alan Reuber Texas A&M 5Sr
10 4A Brian Rimpf East Carolina 5Sr
11 4A Tony Pape Michigan 5Sr
12 4B Travelle Wharton South Carolina 4Sr
13 4B Jacob Bell Miami-Oh 5Sr
14 5A Stacy Andrews Mississippi 4Sr
15 5A Shane Olivea Ohio State 4Sr
16 5C Carlos Joseph Miami-Fl 4Sr
17 5C Antonio Hall Kentucky 4Sr
18 6A Mark Wilson California 5Sr
19 6A Jake Scott Idaho 5Sr
20 6B Marko Cavka Sacramento State 5Sr
21 6C Kirk Chambers Stanford 4Sr
22 6C Sean Bubin Illinois 5Sr
23 7A Mark Pera Auburn 5Sr
24 7C Jim Molinaro Notre Dame 5Sr
25 FA Drew Strojny Duke 5Sr
26 FA Keith Leavitt Boston College 5Sr
27 FA Brad Lekkerkerker Cal-Davis 5Sr
28 FA Branden Hall Troy State 4Sr
29 FA Steve Stewart Michigan State 5Sr
30 FA Nate McPeek Marshall 4Sr
31 FA Bo Lacy Arkansas 5Sr
32 FA Josh Parrish Washington State 5Sr
33 FA Brandon Phillips Arizona 5Sr
34 FA Mark Moroz Wake Forest 4Sr
35 FA Dylan McFarland Montana 5Sr
36 FA Erik Faasen Toledo 5Sr
37 FA Lewis Dawson Citadel 5Sr
38 FA Matt Morgan Pittsburgh 5Sr
39 FA Jason Lenzmeier New Mexico 5Sr
40 FA Rob Droege Missouri 5Sr
41 FA Sterling Harris SMU 5Sr
42 FA Ben Herrell Miami-Oh 5Sr
43 FA Eric Dumas Maryland 5Sr
44 FA Chris Murphy California 5Sr
45 FA Dan Vili-Waldrop Nebraska 5Sr
46 FA Derrick Thompson x-Mississippi State 5Sr
47 FA Kyle Watkins Central Florida 4Sr
48 FA Brendan Darby San Diego State 4Sr
49 FA Brandon Westbrook MTSU 5Sr
50 FA Casey Shelton Iowa State 5Sr
51 FA David Phillips Stephen F. Austin 4Sr
52 FA Jon Skinner Montana 5Sr

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