Jerry Jones Draft Comments

"He's got oustanding character and he'll be able to help us out in many ways," said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of second round pick Julius Jones. "They baited the trap too much with the cheese when they offered that first round pick."

You went out of the first round when it looked like the opportunity to get the running back of your choice. Then you draft Julius Jones, can you tell us about that?
Jones: We think he had a great senior year and he's got the ability to be a back out of the backfield that can do a lot of things. He's got oustanding character and he'll be able to help us out in many ways. They baited the trap too much with the cheese when they offered that first round pick.

What about the offensive line? What's the deal with Larry Allen and the rest of those guys?
Jones: Well, we aren't letting him go. I've met with Larry, and we've been talking over his situation the last two or three days. If something didn't happen before this draft or during this draft, than that really narrows that window. We just drafted Jacob Rogers, and we feel like that's going to go a long ways too.

Now that you've been working with Bill Parcells for two years, is there anything about him that is suprising to you?
Jones: Well, it's all positive. It's such a pleasure working with somebody that's so knowledgeable, and so passionate about what he does, but that's Bill Parcells. No one doeshis homework like Bill Parcells. It's unimagineable how he does. It's been great to work with him and it's been pretty easy to listen when you are dealing with somebody that passionate about what he's doing.

What about Drew Henson and Quincy Carter?
Jones: Drew is coming in here at a time when we expect him to be learning. We don't know enough about hiim to make any kind of comment, but I will say this. Quincy Carter has looked outstanding. He was out here this morning throwing. This is the first time since he's been here that he'll be wokring under the same offensive system.

Talk about the trade and how it went down today.
Jones: We had about an hour or an hour and a half earlier that Buffalo would have interst in our pick for next year's number one. We had a real good period of time to entertain that proposition. When we got down to our pick, we saw several player that if we dropped on down to Buffalo's pick we'd be able to accomplish what we wanted to today. It was such an opportunity to end up with two number one picks, and I know from experience with two number one picks. It's just a question of the value there for us and where we are. I think it does point to the fact that this thing is a building process and we are putting cornerstone blocks in.

Were the running backs that were there rated the same pretty much?
Jones: We had six running backs there that we felt like could immediately help us. You had backs that could possibly have the same kind of success that the early backs have. The running back position can really be a hit or miss. The obvious really isn't the obvious. It takes a mental toughness. Julius does bring to us the opportunity to work him out in the passing game. And he does bring some really good skills as far as finding holes and creating extra yardage.

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