Newman Enjoys the Spotlight

What a year a difference makes for Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman. Last year he was in blue room at the NFL Draft in New York waiting to be selected by the Cowboys with the fifth overall pick.

On Saturday, he spent time chatting with fans at the team's official draft party and analyzing picks for a local radio station. Newman, however, was most ecstatic about the Cowboys selecting his replacement as coach Bill Parcells' personal fetcher. As the team's top pick, Newman was handed the job of water fetcher for Parcells during practices last season, including minicamps, training camps and the regular season.

The Cowboys threw Newman a curve in the first round when they traded down with the Bills, acquiring an extra second- and fifth-round pick in 2004 and a first-round pick in 2005 before taking running back Julius Jones at the top of the second round.

"They know what they are doing," Newman said. "I trust what they do. I thought they were going to take a running back. But it could end up being a good deal. I just glad to see a new top pick. My job is officially over."

* Notre Dame's Julius Jones, the Cowboys' second-round pick, is the younger brother of Thomas Jones, a former sixth pick in the 2000 draft who plays for the Chicago Bears. The Cowboys hope they know what they will be getting from Julius by evaluating Thomas during the off-season free agency period.

The Jones brothers are very similar and that was part of the sell for the Cowboys. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said they gained a lot of respect for Thomas and thought the same of Julius.

"We have similar running styles," Julius said. "We're downhill runners and have good vision and both have good speed. We are exactly alike. The only difference is him being heavier than me."

Julius Jones (5-feet-10, 217 pounds) is coming off a breakout season at Notre Dame, carrying a limited offense. He rushed for 1,268 yards and 10 touchdowns this season. He was academically ineligible as a junior and came back with the best season of his career.

Jones said he grew up idolizing Emmitt Smith and would love to wear 22, his college number, with the Cowboys. Smith's number is unofficially retired. But Jones will get the consolation prize of wearing Deion Sanders' old No. 21.

Jones was the Cowboys' first running back drafted since they selected Ohio State's Michael Wiley in the fifth round in 2000 and only the third since 1996.

* When the Cowboys selected Jacob Rogers, the Southern Cal offensive tackle got a phone call from Bill Parcells. It was about food. "I told him since training camp is only about two blocks," Parcells said, "I was wondering if there was going to be a home-cooked meal for me at any point in time. He told me he might be able to work it out."

Rogers is from Oxnard, Calif., which is the site of the Cowboys' training camp. He grew up watching the Raiders practice and he used to attend Cowboys practices in Thousand Oaks when he was younger.

"That was a pretty funny thing to start out a conversation with," Rogers said.

The Rogers family watched the draft from an Oxnard hotel and now can't wait for Jacob's return for training camp. And some cookin'.

"That's going to be something special," Rogers said. "I'm on cloud nine right now because I know it's an opportunity to put on the star and be part of the rich tradition the Cowboys have."

"The trade points to the fact that this is a building process. Bill is as interested as I am about the long-term view in terms of the building process." -- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

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