Hutchinson's Days Likely Numbered

Despite all the hoopla surrounding newly acquired quarterback Drew Henson, coach Bill Parcells has not forgotten about incumbent starter Quincy Carter.

Parcells said he expects Carter to be better in 2004 because he will be in his second with the program and, most important, his second year in the same offense for the first time in his career.

To help continue the growth process, Parcells gave Carter a list of things he wanted him to improve on in the offseason program, including throwing the long ball, cutting down on his interceptions, strengthening his legs and gaining five pounds of muscle on his body.

"Last year he got a little sore," Parcells said. "He just had a little soreness from time to time. You can't take any days when you're playing his spot. He needs the reps, so I'm just trying to get him a little further down the road."

Regarding last season's backup, Chad Hutchinson, who is spending the spring in NFL Europe, the situation doesn't look so promising. Carter is the starting quarterback. Henson has become the quarterback of the future. And the team remains interested in signing a veteran, mostly likely Vinny Testaverde when is he cut from the Jets after June 1, to serve as the primary backup and tutor for Carter and Henson.

Hutchinson hasn't helped matters with his play so for the NFL's Europe's Rhein Fire, where his penchant for fumbling has followed him overseas.

"He is still a work in progress," Parcells said. "I just want him to play. I wanted to get him game experience. He hadn't played much in a long time. I want to get him in those situations if I can. We'll see when it's over what's what."

Parcells will learn a little more about Hutchinson over the next two weeks, as he is sending assistant coach David Lee to Europe to get a first-hand look at what's going on.

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