First Impressions of Vinny T

Depending on who you believe, Vinny Testaverde either was exactly as advertised, or nothing like you'd expect.

Head coach Bill Parcells, in his pre-camp address to the media, reiterated his earlier comments about how Testaverde is in impeccable physical condition, is meticulous in his preparation and is overwhelmingly powerful.

On the other hand, there are skeptics who suggested that Testaverde is just too old, never was mobile in the first place and still showing the effects of the ruptured Achilles tendon he suffered in the 1999 opener. And what a surprise: Parcells was right. Testaverde took the field with his new team this weekend and looked completely comfortable with everything that was asked of him.

A month ago, it was written here that Drew Henson has the strongest Dallas passing arm since Troy Aikman, if not the strongest arm of any Cowboy quarterback ever. Henson's spot atop the list of powerful passers lasted less than a month, as Testaverde again showed why Parcells has gone on record as saying he (Testaverde) "can make all the throws, and probably will be able to make all the throws when he's 50." Like Henson, Testaverde has an absolute cannon of an arm, drilling receivers on the sideline on deep "out" routes and flipping 60-yard ropes with the flick of the wrist. His motion still is so smooth it looks completely effortless, and he moves much better than most would expect from one of the league's elder statesmen, especially one who had suffered an injury that can be as devastating to a player's mobility as a blown Achilles tendon.

He can't take off and sprint with Quincy Carter, but he does have some mobility, and it's obvious from his comfort level with the offense that he retains much of what he learned when he played under Parcells in New York.

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