Countdown to Camp: #92 Jermaine Brooks

Defensive tackle Jermaine Brooks was a late season addition to the Cowboys roster in 2003. Is there any room for more playing time for this Arkansas native in 2004?

DT Jermaine Brooks
6-3, 290
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Quick Bio
Defensive tackle Jermaine Brooks was a late season addition to the Cowboys roster in 2003. Brooks played his college ball at Arkansas before being kicked off the team for drug charges. He joined the practice squad last October and was activated for the last two games of the year.
The Scoop
Defensive tackle Jermaine Brooks joined the Cowboys practice squad on October 27th last year and was activated on December 24th. He saw action in the regular season finale against the New Orleans Saints and the playoff loss at Carolina. At Arkansas, many analysts felt as though he would become a first or second round draft pick, before he was kicked off the team for a variety of charges.

Key Points
  • Brooks recorded 3 tackles against the Saints last year and added 1 more against the Panthers in the first round of the playoffs.

  • Jermaine has some familiarity with the Cowboys' coaching staff, as current defensive tackles' coach Kacy Rogers was one of his coaches at the University of Arkansas.

  • Brooks was one of two defensive tackles (Leo Carson) signed during the season in 2003. Interestingly enough, both of those players were in legal trouble at the time of their signing. Brooks is on probation for 10 years following drugs and weapons charges that forced him out at Arkansas. He was arrested in his apartment after selling three pounds of marijuana to an informant and had seven more in the apartment, along with several rifles and handguns and $16,841.

    Brooks has his work cut out for him if he plans on seeing the field for any sort of signficant action in 2004. He'll be used primarily as a back up to starters Willie Blade and La'Roi Glover, but he is thought of highly by his teammates, in particular Glover. "This will be a great opportunity for him," said the Pro Bowler. "He's just got to get in the game and get some quality reps. That's a start before we can really see what we're working with. He's strong though, I can tell you that."

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