Training Camp Battle: Right Tackle

We begin our annual coverage of Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys by taking a closer look at some of the more intriguing position battles on the field. First up: right tackle, where rookie Jacob Rogers will try and overtake Torrin Tucker and/or Javier Collins as the starter. Who does Bill Parcells like heading into camp?

Javier Collins, Jacob Rogers, & Torrin Tucker

The Position: Right Tackle

The Players: Jacob Rogers (6-6, 306), Torrin Tucker (6-6, 329), Javier Collins (6-6, 322)

Initial Thoughts: The Cowboys are playing musical chairs with their offensive linemen heading into the start of training camp. As it stands now, Al Johnson, Gennaro DiNapoli and Tyson Walter are rotating at center. Kurt Vollers, who finished in 2003 as the starter at right tackle after replacing the injured Ryan Young, is backing up Flozell Adams at left tackle. Rookie Jacob Rogers, Torrin Tucker and Javiar Collins are all competing for the starting spot at right tackle.

Interesting Note (Rogers): Rogers won the National Championship at Southern Cal last year and was considered a great pick up when the Cowboys selected him in the second round of the 2004 NFL Draft.

Interesting Note (Tucker): Tucker didn't see any action in 2003 until the Cowboys squared off against archrival Washington on November 2. He earned his first start only when former RT Kurt Vollers suffered a injury against the Dolphins.

Interesting Note (Collins): Collins saw action in a limited capacity in 2003, as he was inactive for the last 9 games of the year, including the postseason.

The Edge: Anything less than Jacob Rogers starting the season opener against Minnesota would be a huge disappointment. Rogers comes to Dallas as a bruising tackle prospect with both size and speed. He's a tough lineman that excels in pass protection. He can quickly set up off the snap, plays with good lean and effectively uses both body positioning and blocking angles.

Bill Parcells Says: "Here's a guy that has been around football his whole life. He is a coaches' sons," said Bill Parcells. "I think that's a big advantage. We were pleased to see him available in the second round."

Rogers Says: "My father was my coach early on, through my senior year of high school. He taught me my work ethic. He taught me to understand the game. He taught me how much goes into being a successful football player."

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