Let the QB Controversy Begin...Again

Quincy Carter will arrive at training camp in Oxnard, California in about 3 weeks as the first team quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but he could very well lose his starting job before the start of the regular season.

It seems like every year Cowboys fans find themselves enamored with the one subject that ignites a passion in us all- Quincy Carter.

What will it take for him to hold off Vinny Testeverde and Drew Henson through the course of the 2004 season? 30 touchdown passes and a small army if you really know the game of football.

You see, the Cowboys have never been content with their quarterback situation. At least, not since Quincy Carter arrived 3 years ago out of the University of Georgia.

And now, one year removed from being the starting signal caller for all 17 games, Carter will once again try to prove his worth to the higher ups of the Cowboys franchise.

The only problem this year is that he's finally got some competition.

Some serious competition.

Chad Hutchinson was originally signed two years ago to push Carter's development, and eventually take his place, but obviously, that never quite worked out.

After three years of playing professional baseball, he was horribly erratic in pocket. And now, after a failed attempt at improving his game in NFL Europe, his career for the Cowboys appears to be done.

And even when consider that Hutchinson is essentially out of the picture, and Carter's progress of a year ago, the Cowboys have done little to keep things "status-quo" this offseason behind center.

Love him or hate him, Quincy Carter will have his work cut out for him if wants to keep his starting job this year.
Back in early March, the organization pulled off a trade to bring former Michigan star Drew Henson to Valley Ranch. Two months later, veteran quarterback Vinny Testaverde was brought to Dallas to help Henson's development, not to mention to provide relief for Carter should he need it during the course of the 2004 season.

With three legitimate quarterbacks on the roster heading into training camp, it begs the question, who will be the man behind center for the Dallas Cowboys in 2004?

If you said, "Quincy Carter," you may want to hold that thought.

At least for now.

Quincy Carter will arrive at training camp in Oxnard, California in about 3 weeks as the first team quarterback, but he could very well lose his starting job before the start of the regular season.


That's easy. He now has two quarterbacks on the roster that are clearly more talented he is, and one of those guys already has a few years of experience in Bill Parcells' system.

Carter had his moments last year, and even earned the praise of both Parcells and Jerry Jones during various points of the season. But this year, the Cowboys won't be able to sneak up on other teams around the league. They don't have a starting running back with NFL experience (at least not yet), and more times than not, the difference between a win and a loss could easily come down to the passing game.

Ask yourself, do you honestly feel like Quincy Carter is the man that will take the Dallas Cowboys to the next level? Is Quincy Carter a quarterback that could deliver 20-25 touchdown passes and only throw 10-12 interceptions during a 16-game regular season?

Ask most of the so-called "experts" around the league and they'll give you resounding "no."

Ask Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells and see what they say. Actually, you don't have to do that. Just look at their actions this offseason.

The acquisition of two talented quarterbacks at both ends of the age spectrum demonstrates exactly the amount of confidence the Cowboys' organization has in Quincy Carter.

Not much.

And once training camp gets underway next month, don't be surprised to see that lack of confidence finally translate over the football field.

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