Looking for a Surprise?

Looking for a player or two that could be a surprise this season for the Dallas Cowboys? Look no further than Jason Witten, a standout tight end who could very well become one of the top players in the league at his position this year.

Every year it's somebody.

Whether it's an undrafted rookie free agent, or a savvy veteran that has re-dedicated himself to the game during the offseason, you always see it.

You know what I'm talking about...

It's the so called "surprise player" of training camp.

He's the guy the media flock to after he dominates his position during the first week of training camp. He's the guy that seemingly comes out of nowhere to claim a starting spot.

And if you are looking for who that player might be this year, look no further than tight end Jason Witten, who is now entering his second year at Valley Ranch.

The third round draft choice (#69 overall) out of Tennessee finished fourth in receptions in the NFL last year among all rookies with 35, and those numbers include a broken jaw in early October that essentially left him out of 2 games.

In addition, 18 of those 35 catches went for first downs.

Clearly, if any second-year player on the Cowboys' roster stands to make a bigger impact than most are expecting this year, it's Witten.

Need proof? Check with the headman himself, and he'll tell you.

"I really like him," said Bill Parcells at the end of last year. "He's making some big plays for us. We need to keep finding ways to get him more involved in the offense."

Witten, who already has the endorsement of Parcells after essentially playing through the course of the season with a broken jaw, will battle Dan Campbell for playing time, with rookie Sean Ryan and 4th year pro James Whalen joining the mix.

If ever there were a time for Witten to stand out, now would be it. He almost doubled Campbell's production last year as a rookie, and Whalen isn't viewed as tight end that can be depended on to both block and catch.

Witten can do both, and do both well. Stay tuned.

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