Parcells on Carter's Release

"I'm just going to tell you that I couldn't keep him in my plans. Sometimes things happen and you have to alter what you are going to do," said Parcells.

Opening Comments by Jerry Jones:
Carter: Quincy Carter was released by the Dallas Cowboys. We made a decision to move in a different direction. We are not going top get into details about why. I want to remind you about things I've said about quarterback. On my part this has not been a difficult decision at all. It is very disappointing.

We made our strategy when drafting Quincy. We made our plans so we wouldn't be ruined by the cap. This does not compromise us with the cap situation.

The same thing is true about the approach we took with Chad Hutchinson. I am very disappointed, when you make a decision like this about a quarterback that has posted the wins he continue to look to the future with a positive outlook.

Have you and Jerry Jones had extensive conversations about releasing Quincy Carter?
Parcells: We've had ongoing conversations about all of our players. Jerry and I do that almost on a daily basis. So to actually tell you when we started it, I don't know if I can recall when we started. Jerry sits in when we watch the film a vast majority of the time with the coaching staff, with us, and with me. Largely, after the day is done, we most of the time sit together for dinner and discuss all sorts of things. That was certainly in our discussions recently. I'm saddened by this because I've got 18 months invested here too. I've got two offseason programs and a regular season and a playoff game invested in this too. That's it. We are going.

Did you have a short conversation with Quincy Carter about this move?
Parcells: I don't know what you term short. There was dialogue back and forth.

Will Vinny Testaverde be the starter?
Parcells: I believe he'll be the starter, but Vinny is a very unselfish player. He'll do his best to help Henson and Romo. He knows why he his here, and what his job his. Right now he's the most experienced guy we have here and I'm confident in that player. We are going to have to alter some things in terms of strategy, and taylor some things that are more suited to a classic drop back passer. Both Romo and Henson are more mobile, so we won't eliminate some things we want to do. Having experience with Vinny.

What did Quincy Carter say to you after learning of the news?
Parcells: I can't speak for him, I just know that I'm saddened by these turn of events. You know I like these kids, it's nothing personal, that's just the way it is.

You said that you couldn't go forward with Quincy Carter as your quarterback. Why?
Parcells: Well I'm not at liberty to say. I'm just going to tell you that I couldn't keep him in my plans. Sometimes things happen and you have to alter what you are going to do. Jerry has the final call on this, but we've made joint decisions. Neither one of us are looking back now. The wheel is spinning, so we aren't looking back.

Why didn't you make this decision 8 practices ago?
Parcells: Because we only make decisions based on the information we have.

Can he rejoin the Cowboys?
Parcells: (Long pause) I wouldn't close the door on anything in life...but uh...there, and I'm not speaking for Jerry, and ...uh we're going where we're going now, and who we're going with...there could be things done that would make us consider...sometime way down the road, possibly consider...don't involve a committment on my part.

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