It Was Drugs

With yesterday's announcement of Quincy Carter's release from the Dallas Cowboys, SilverStarDigest has learned of past incidents that should have all pointed to what was finally proven yesterday.

Quincy Carter has a drug problem.

From the outside looking in, that may be a hard thing to fully understand. But in speaking to several sources throughout the league over the course past 24 hours, some new information is coming to the surface.

For instance, do you happen to remember the whole incident with former offensive coordinator Bruce Coslet?

Apparently, Coslet never "trusted" Carter with running the offense.

Why? Because of drugs.

That was one of the primary reasons the old coaching staff elected to go with Chad Hutchinson through the midway point of the 2002 season.

Looking back to Quincy Carter's college career at Georgia, there were many people that suggested Carter was using drugs then, and that it was effecting his play on the field.

Sources point to the Georgia-South Carolina game in 2000, when the 7th ranked Bulldogs fell 21-10 to a team that had lost more than 20 consecutive games in the Southeastern Conference.

Quincy Carter threw 5 interceptions that day.

"Folks within the Cowboys have known about some of these problems for quite some time," a source told SilverStarDigest. "And some believe it was only a matter of time until something like this got out."

While Bill Parcells or Jerry Jones couldn't speak of the true reason Quincy Carter was released yesterday, the whole world knows.

It was drugs.

And it's been drugs that have hampered Quincy Carter's development for quite some time now.

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