Inside Training Camp

There's a reason the Cowboys were able to let Chad Hutchinson go before the start of training camp. <BR><BR> His name is Drew Henson.

Henson No Hutchinson
QB Drew Henson is no Chad Hutchinson, according to former Green Bay Packers GM Ron Wolf. Wolf has been at Cowboys training camp this week. Sure, Henson is trying to play quarterback after spending several years away playing pro baseball, like Hutchinson. But Wolf says the football playing ability that Henson shows make any more comparisons obsolete. Hutchinson was cut before training camp after two unproductive years and Dallas and remains unemployed.

"Drew Henson is a better player at his position than Chad Hutchinson," Wolf said. "The fact that he has been out of football for three years and how he has picked it up has impressed me. He had a day here (Thursday) that was unbelievable throwing the ball," Wolf said. "That is not just by accident."

Flo on the Rise
OT Flozell Adams is having an awesome camp. Adams made his first Pro Bowl last season and is not only seemingly picking up where he left off but trying to reach unprecedented levels. Bill Parcells said Adams has the potential to be best guy in football. "That's what I'm talking to Flo about," Parcells said. "I'm not talking to Flo about being a one-year wonder. I want him to be the best guy in football ... he can be the best guy -- or certainly in the top two or three. I want him to be that. He gets it. He knows, he knows. That's what I talk to Flozell Adams about, being the best guy in football. That's pretty high."

Hello Newman...
CB Terence Newman will continue to get occasional reps at receiver, but don't expect that to necessarily continue into the regular season. Newman, who has been compared to former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders since he was drafted the Cowboys two years ago, may be on the way toward doing a Sanders like imitation by becoming a situational receiver on offense.

He worked out all summer with the receivers, and he was so committed that on some days when other receivers didn't show up he was the only pass catcher the Cowboys quarterbacks had to work with. Newman is continuing his flirtations on offense in training camp. Arguably the team's fastest player, the former Kansas State star said he is itching to do anything to get the ball in his hands.

"If I could help the team, why not?" Newman said. "It's something I like to do. It's something that's fun. I would like to get the ball in my hands." While admittedly being impressed by Newman's skills as a receiver, receiver coach Todd Haley downplayed talk Newman taking a dual role. Haley said his work on offense is simply opportunity for him to better understand what receivers are trying to do so he can improve as a cornerback.

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