Even Parcells is Human

Entering the second year of the Bill Parcells regime, the Dallas Cowboys are finding out that even the head man himself is human.

He demands perfection.

He expects 110 percent.

He craves a World Championship.

Yet at the same time, he's human. And that's the one point that most people tend to forget when talking about a head coach like Bill Parcells.

Parcells did nothing short of climbing Mount Everest last season in leading the Cowboys to the playoffs and a 10-6 regular season record.

He's done even greater things (although maybe not as quickly) with other organizations with less expectations. Seriously, does anyone remember that he took the Jets to the AFC Championship game and put football on the map in New England.

Bill Parcells was the architect of those two championship teams. Now, he's trying to resurrect a franchise that clearly belongs in the upper echelon of the National Football League.

But two weeks into training camp, the pressure that comes with winning, the unexpected loss of Quincy Carter, and probably doing the same old song and dance for the media, has clearly taken a toll.

"A bad thing about me is I can find 30 things wrong everyday," Parcells said. "I've got to watch it, so I don't get so negative on my coaches and my team that I take away the good things that they're doing. It's my personality, I'm not proud of all that."

It's not often that you hear Bill Parcells respond in such a way, even in so few sentences.

But in hearing those words alone, it reminds you that even the greatest of coaches are human. They have their faults, their downsides, their little quirks that drive others crazy.

Perhaps part of the pressure on Parcells this year stems from the fact that expectations in his own mind are so high this season. After all, the second year of the Parcells era has always proven fruitful for the franchise he's been a part of.

It was his second year with the Jets that he led Vinny Testaverde and company to a 12-4 record. It was his second year in New England that he led the Patriots to a 10-6 record and to a playoff berth for the first time in 8 years.

He went 10-6 in his first year with the Cowboys. What's in store for year number two?

Good question, and we'll find out the answer in about 4 months.

At the same time, it's important to remember that Bill Parcells is no miracle worker. He's human, and even a Hall of Fame coach like him needs a little space one in a while.

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