News, Notes & Quotes from Houston

"Give the Texans credit. They looked like a good team," said Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells. "I'm just disappointed at the way we looked. I guess the good news is that we played everybody, so we've got a lot to look at."

News & Notes

* Saturday's 18-0 loss to the Houston Texans marked the second consecutive year the Cowboys were shut out in their preseason opener. In 2003, Arizona defeated Dallas, 13-0.

* Ten Cowboys caught passes Saturday night, but no Cowboy caught more than 31 total yards. In fact, reserve Cedric James led the Cowboys in receiving with 2 catches for 31 yards. TE Jason Witten led the Cowboys overall with 3 catches for 15 yards.

* Kicker Billy Cundiff missed a 46-yard field goal in the third quarter after a Cowboys drive stalled under the direction of Drew Henson.

* Rookie Julius Jones led the Cowboys in rushing with 7 carries for 58 yards.

* With the exceptions of turnovers, the Cowboys only crossed midfield twice in Saturday's 18-0 loss to the Houston Texans.

* The announced crowd of 70,431 was the largest to ever see the Texans play in a preseason game.

* Second team running back ReShard Lee continues to make a case to be on the 53-man roster in September. Lee carried the ball four times for 25 yards on four carries playing extensively with the second team.

* QB Drew Henson returned to face the team that originally drafted him in the 7th round of the 2003 NFL Draft. Henson said that the game "didn't mean anything extra" even though the Cowboys traded with Houston to acquire his services.

* The Cowboys played 77 players Saturday night, giving the coaching staff ample film to continue their evaluation of the team. Bill Parcells said that only "one or two" players failed to get in the game.


Bill Parcells
"Give the Texans credit. They looked like a good team. We looked like we were practicing. I don't know if we could have beaten anybody. We had too many turnovers. We had too many penalties. I'm not sounding an alarm after the first preseason game, but I'm just disappointed at the way we looked. I guess the good news is that we played everybody, so we've got a lot to look at."

Drew Henson
"That was my fault," Henson said about his pass that was intended for receiver Antonio Bryant that intercepted. "You can't force the ball, especially in the red zone, but I did, and it hurt the team. I have to stay away from those kinds of mistakes. It's a good learning experience, and I've got a lot of improving to do."

Texans DB Jason Simmons
"He (Henson) stared down the receiver. My progression led me to the ball. That's a common route in the red zone. Our offense runs it, so it's something we had been working on. I pretty much saw it coming. We stopped them from scoring there, so that was big. You're not going to lose many games when you get (four) takeaways. If you do that, you're going to put yourself in a position to win. Two of our biggest goals this year are to eliminate penalties and create more turnovers."

Texans DE Greg Walker
"Any time you throw up a goose egg, that's big. We need to start learning how to win, and the preseason is a good place to start. I thought our first defense played well, but what really impressed me the most was how our young guys played after we left the game.

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