Updated Transactions

The Dallas Cowboys continue to trim "extra weight" off of their roster this week. Here's an updated look at who has been signed and released.

DE Johnathan Taylor, signed (8/17/04)
G Tango McCauley, released (8/16/04)
DE Darrell Lee, released (8/16/04)
DE Kevin Emanuel, released (8/16/04)
CB Andrew Davison, released (8/11/04)
K Matt Bryant, signed (8/11/04)
K Jonathan Ruffin, released (8/11/04)
QB Quincy Carter, released (8/4/04)
LB Ryan Fowler, signed (8/4/04)
WR James Newson, released (8/3/04)
WR Brandon Middleton, signed (8/3/04)

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